Video The Miami Dolphins players has have released. Here's a clip from that.


Naomi Osaka versus Victoria Azarenka will the power of Ah Sokka serve prevail. It certainly maybe, you know, you never count out Azarenka. You see how she roared back to beat Serena Williams in the semifinals after getting blasted in the first set. I think it's going to be a great match even without the star power of William's, Osaka and Azarenka certainly, or stars in their own, right, Tom, You're a former competitive tennis player. Hate to put you on the spot. Uh, yeah, he didn't You? Yeah. Yeah. Course you did. You find it hard for top player. Do you think it's hard for top players to perform with no fans? Well, I certainly was able to do it because I never had a fan presence. Ah, Thie us

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