Police chief. Good guy. Bad guy.


News from the other side. Listen, The New York Times and I listen to NPR. I want to just see if you Khun tell the difference between fact and fiction anymore and spin. This is NPR on Rochester. Listen in Rochester, New York last night, there were protests and also celebrations. Yeah, that's what people were reacting to the announcement that the city's police chief Laurent Singletary, will step down. This sounds like an enormous development for Rochester that the police chief and top subordinates would all step aside. Yeah, this is big, You know, Laurent Singletary had insisted repeatedly he'd stay the course, refusing to step down his local of black man who grew up in Rochester. But, you know, after this horrific video was released last week of Daniel proved lying naked on the pavement a hood over his head surrounded by officers. These demonstrations erupted people on the street, insisting Singletary beheld accountable for prudes Death. On the chief's departure was one of their key demands. Hey, did finally about to that pressure yesterday. Ashley Gant, one of the protest organizers spoke last night calling this a victory. So let me ask you Do you get from that story? A way that was told You're hearing this. Police chief. Good guy. Bad guy. He's like a bad guy. Sounds like a bad guy. He's a bad guy who I guess inspired his officers to do some terrible thing to something or at least has turned a blind eye to

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