Washington DC's Twin Jazz Club Closes After More Than Three Decades


Twin sisters from Ethiopia Open a restaurant in Washington, D. C. That turned you into a jazz club, attracting national acts. More than 30. Years later, Twins Jazz is closing down another small business victim of the pandemic. NPR's Andrew Limbong reports. Twins. Jazz was never even supposed to have music. We didn't plant open adjust in the beginning. We just want to open a restaurant. Kelly testify and her sister Mozzie just wanted to open an Ethiopian restaurant to bring a little bit of home to Washington, D. C. They found a dinky spot. They could fix up that apparently used to host jazz shows and when they turn on the lights, musicians came by looking to play, including the late trumpeter Bobby Sanchez. And we have no idea what jazz Wass We asked him What is jazz. Sanchez to Nitties to foster that love disappear. Andrew Limbong NPR news

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