Joe Biden, President And Fox News discussed on Rosie on the House


Tweet from President Trump. I'm ham, who sell Fox News. Twitter has flagged opposed from the president. He's again urging people in North Carolina to vote by mail early, then vote in person on election Day if the mail in vote hasn't been counted by then, A tweet in response was then issued by North Carolina's attorney general, who advised voters not to do what the president told them to. Hours from now the president heads to another battleground. He'll hold events in Nevada tonight and tomorrow. His Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, plans to visit Florida next week. Biden is slightly ahead in the polls there, according to the real clear average of polls. Biden is up by just over 1% point, but he is way behind in in person visits to the Sunshine State, Fox says Hilary von Biden's running made Kamala Harris was in Miami on Thursday. Congress appears no closer to passing another Corona virus stimulus bill. Sitting Majority leader Mitch McConnell accused Democrats of playing games with the Corona virus Relief bill. The Republican measure was defeated late this week could remove forward with a floor process to deliver hundreds of billions of dollars more for kids for jobs and for healthcare. Or do our Democratic colleagues prefer to hide behind closed doors and refused to help families apparently $300 billion in federal aid and 300 extra dollars per week in unemployment benefits and billions Or too small businesses and schools wasn't enough. As the Democrats demand trillions. More Fox is Lucas Tomlinson. Cases of covert 19 are rapidly rising in the Dakotas and that's fueling passionate debate over personal freedoms. And Brookings, South Dakota, Many residents spoke out against a proposal to mandate masks inside businesses. That measure ultimately passed doctors or warning hospitals could become overwhelmed America's listening to Fox News. Teo junk current military or

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