But he'll travel to Florida on Tuesday. America is listening to Fox News


Fox News. The White House says President Trump will travel to Northern California Monday to meet with officials and crews battling the devastating wildfires. While firefighters are slowly starting to catch a bit of a break with the weather, the damage from these fires is devastating. So far this fire season more than 6000, homes and structures have been damaged or destroyed and at least 19 people killed in California alone. Washington and Oregon, also seeing record fires and destruction organs. Emergency management director says they are preparing for a mass fatality event, with dozens of people still listed as missing and thousands of homes and structures destroyed. Fox is Christina Coleman. TRAFFIC All Depression, moving across the Gulf of Mexico has strengthened into Tropical Storm Sally. The National Hurricane Center says the storm will bring heavy rain to the Florida Keys as well as southern and western parts of the state. Sally is forecast to become a hurricane. By late Monday. Peace talks are underway in Doha, Qatar, between Afghanistan and the Taliban. Looking to end decades worth of fighting US Secretary of State was also Indo ha. He met with the Taliban. Emphasizing that the United States relationship with Afghanistan going forward any future aid that it might provide? All depends on how these talks go.

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