Jockey John Velazquez on his third Kentucky Derby win in his first competition with Authentic


We have John Velazquez the hall of Fame Three Time Kentucky Derby winner on the phone now Johnny. Thanks for some time this morning the industry star of the week at the by Stuart Morris Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you for having me. Yeah. Three and ten years I think that's something that's getting overlooked here. animal kingdom always dreaming. authentic. Things did not go as planned when that gate opened on Saturday? Well I tell you. I was expecting that the we're GONNA break a little slow and I? Even said it. Before they raised a couple of his did I did you know? I get in like the position that we had just because being last one indicate normally once you get into gate. kind of like to get a sausage facets of canned really wants to live circuits. So horse is not. Hundred percent spending properly, and You Know Eight, hundred, ten, th there for jumping number good and even. He's not very quick from the gate. So with watching he's prior races and being the last one and go into the I I was back to not. On the other hand I knew he was going to be quick. you know to to get too close to the lead or BMW before we get, we get to the to the turn. So you know I didn't wear so much and I think even if you the way broke, I kinda wane gradually you know going into the lead before we get to the first time. Were you surprised that no one took advantage of the lackluster break and that you were able to clear by the time you've got that I I. Well I. If we look back at the race really there was only one. One speed horse in and teeth the law and I knew he was not wanna go to delete or you know that's not the way they they actually wanted them to you know and listened to Berkeley and and and prior to that you know the just like to suck somebody and so on. And other words Park elope is I thought he probably go to the lead and and I was willing to let him go if you wanted to do obviously when we pass it pass the wire for the first time in and see him and he wasn't going to delete it. So that was my turn you know to. Okay. Let me go ahead and do what Mars you want to do. You always talk to us here on the network about playing you leave the paddock with plans a to Z with a horse like authentic. There's really not much and you know you know he's GonNa break a little slow at least you did he's not going to break that sharp. You're going to be on the lead I'm sure after you watch the Haskell. You. Likely. Did you have some concerns about the mile and a quarter after watching the Haskell? We always have it. You know and and. Talking to by he, he's just like you know what I think I haven't much ready this time know for going on quarter. We always had a question whether he can't go out on any tips like, but you you you bob. You have to carry the source now he goes to putting the pressure. And he says that when you get to the stretch I, want you to to get you let handed ready for this. Okay. Make sure you get you get his attention and I mean to territory worked out. Perfect. You know talking about we planning with we were just rubies. Have dinner like three, nine, five bike and we keep talking about it. Then it's like you'll make sure you haven't left hand to you know get attention and if you look back from the house cold to the Derby, Mike, Never hit him though Mike he just GonNa kick. Showing the weapon and kind of top him this time you know I got the. Price Him and he responded right away i. that was the difference dry. They're actually afterwards Bob said to me if he makes had hidden his left handed in this house. You would never be on him on the Derby because I don't think he would have got off of them. You know what I mean, and that's why they thought. It was that he might not want to go the distance and. He's a little quirky so he kinda gets distracted very very, very easily and he looked he looked like he was GonNa win easy and and the has over. So it kind of you know the other horses going back to him so. If he had, he had a ham handed I think he would have gone on and You would have been in these stories. So I'm glad he did. Now Three Kentucky Derby wins that that is rarefied Air Bob said after the race when he wants six, it never gets old, you feel the same way. Absolutely. You know. They ask me that the obviously when month derby ends like if it gets old you into something else go and retire and something now absolutely that that feeling that you get. The satisfaction you get, it's incredible. There's just no worse due to this drive it you know and I mean if you get up to to be in this kind of thing, Menendez GonNa. Racist It's incredible. It's just no words to describe it. You know. Got To be. Blessed.

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