Could Trump push a vaccine through before election day?


Just wrote an article or a informed policy that about the vaccines and about whether we can trust them or not. If one comes out before the election and can we can we? Trust vaccine that comes out say but what would be a good date November I. That's their target date November I. That is not that the trump administration instructed the CDC to instruct every single governor in the United States and territories to be ready for mass distribution and to by October I have. SENT CDC their Master Plan for how they will vaccinate their population for approval, and then actually it out courtesy of a private contracting firm called mckesson on November first. But we saw a real blowback from political leaders and of course, the public generally and the public health community saying wait a second. How in the world? Can you imagine that you're GonNa, have a safe proven effective vaccine in the next fifty plus days. that's just inconceivable and nine major vaccine makers jointly released a statement promising the world that they will not go along with being shoved out the door hastily and that they will indeed do adequate safety and so on, and then Astra Zeneca which had the most promising vaccine. Let it be known that they're stopping their trial temporarily because they've seen a side effect in one of the trial participants will stop and just say ask you how many vaccines are in the research. Pipeline. Well, if you count the ones that are rather dubious from places like Russia and you put them all in the pile, it's close to two hundred are in the pipeline worldwide. There are. Basically, ten leading contenders that the United States government is looking at most of them are made in America, but there's also Astra Zeneca made in in in the UK and a joint American German product that is probably at the front of the line right now jointly made by Pfizer and a German company. There are many many many products out there all in various stages of testing all the way from just in the Lavatory to already in thirty thousand trial subjects in phase three trials

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