Officials battle online misinformation along with wildfires


Are these historically large wildfires continue to rage out west fifteen people have already died a whopping four million acres already devastated across California as well as Oregon where you can see right here why the mayor there declared a state of emergency, the governor also publicly pleading. For the trump administration to support its governmental emergency response officials on the ground, say Donald trump failing them through fashion. Some critics compare his sort of public denial of even admitting what's going on with the wildfires that posture to of course, is deceitful approach to cove it. Who reports today are the things are even worse than all of that because right wing conspiracy theories supported publicly by Donald, trump are leading to dangerous activity. Again, we're living in a time where misinformation can be dangerous to your health and officials are warning. They're getting flooded with false phone calls fanned by Q. Not which incorrectly try to blame the fires on trump's perceived opponents. Translation what happens on facebook doesn't always stay on facebook a real world emergency political propaganda is making it harder for these firefighters to get the real information warnings they need as they go out and do their work and risk their lives. That's why sheriff's departments are pleading with people with messages like this just stop spreading rumors stop calling nine one one with political pranks. They say it has now gotten to the point where it is hampering their bandwidth to respond to the fires in real emergencies. It's twenty twenty. So sometimes, we have to state the obvious around here. Do not call nine, one one with Q. Non trumpy fake news propaganda. You do have the right to say whatever you want. Typing it up on the Internet you do not have the right to deceitfully thwart firefighting in the middle of this very real crisis for those calling from the West Coast some of these calls have been traced. If you need to think about it like this. Misinformation is expensive in the house you save could be your own. As mentioned, we're thrilled to have married trump live in the hour but I want to begin with some of our analysts, Jason, Johnson professor of politics at Morgan, State University and Katty Kay Washington anchor for BBC News. Good evening to both you. Evening Jason There's much talk about misinformation and people don't like lying even when it's just verbal if you want to be that specific. But given these twin crises, your view of the cost of this kind of misinformation. Rex It's massive. I'm in California right now and the difficulty the difficulty that local officials are having in managing people when it comes to these wall fires is immense and is partially because accused on, it's partially because the president basically sort of thumbs his nose that these sorts of Issues v rate of destruction that is happening out here. Basically, the size of central park is being burned every other day in northern California Oregon Central Park. Every other day is being burned devastated. varies a haze over the sky on a regular basis at the bottom. Of A pool, you can see ash settling after every single night. So the idea that people are wasting public resources with crazy conspiracy theories because they think that the fires were created by you know five G. or invading Muslims or George Soros doesn't help the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people were either going to be out of their homes or not able to stay safely in their homes. During the time, we have a pandemic where rescuing people in putting them into shelters is all the more difficult. So yeah, this is propaganda that's Live when trump lies people are dying. Well. Caddy at the White House has often tried to reposition the Cova conversation in the election as well. This hit everywhere. This is global thing. it seems that this week there is a rightful focus and scrutiny on the president's leadership on his honesty on his approach, which is relevant. As, you go into election about who you want to continue to deal with this crisis or do you want to change the commander in chief? Yell the the virus has hit everywhere but my fourteen year old daughter is an online schooling here in Washington. Her friend in France in class. A. Friend in London is in class her friend in China is in plus her friend in Senegal. is in class and a friend in Germany is in class they're all going to school. And the reason they're going to school is because those countries have handled this better. So that's a direct comparison and in a globalised world. Our children here in the United States make no mistake about it that losing out because those other kids are in class going to school at advancing while orchids not advancing. So we're kicking this down to the next generation as well but. We elect leaders to be able to walk and Chew Gum at the same time. It is totally possible that you can give people a facts that you can trust the American people with the facts of something it is at also be inspirational and motivational and lift them up with a plan and show leadership. Those two things are not mutually exclusive and I think that's what the president is mistaking when he says, he didn't want people to panic and so he downplayed the virus. And gatty talk about how that stacks up in a global context that I think is very interesting to remember, and then how people are receiving these messages reporter. Jim Acosta spoke. To some people going to the trump rally take a look. Our about him because there's no. It's a it's a fake pandemic created to destroy the United. States of America. The president said the Bob Woodward there is a virus but corona virus that it is devil that's his opinion. Chatty. Where do you start i? Mean you stop by asking all of our leaders to come out with consistent clear accurate honest messaging when I really felt for Anthony. FAUCI. In that interview because I've interviewed g and he is so careful not to wade into political waters where there's going to be a difference between him and the president because he said that will be the only story and he is trying to get out the public health story doesn't WANNA make it a political story about. A disagreement he clearly feels now he has to set a Mauka. He has to wait into the politics of this and say, no when the President says, we are turning a corner. We're not actually turney. We're in this for the long haul because when the president says, we're turning a corner when he says, we're about to get over this or that is magically going to disappear what happens that guy doesn't wear a mosque when he attends a rally because he thinks it's not there. That's the risk. Door Jason. Trump can say you know he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. All we once it's a train right it's a train coming at us. We are about to head to fall which is flu season. This is a time where you have kids going back to school but you have people who have to shelter in place more because it's cold you can't eat outside and that makes us Much more difficult and I think are the real danger here is that as we recognize that the president is grotesquely incompetent, right easies driven by sort of racial malice and paying off his friends and everything else like that. At the base of all of this, we cannot forget to key things. One that the president is still trying to steal the election with the post office that you still have. Right. Wing Supreme. Courts in Wisconsin right now that are trying to people get absentee ballots. It's you have the president, the Republican Party suing in Iowa to prevent people from getting their absentee ballots that he's still trying to steal the election at the same time that you have literally millions of. Americans. Now, out of work who be out of their homes who are being evicted, which will make it more difficult for them to. Actually vote. So as much as the president is, is a horrible human being and trying to bankrupt this country and pay off his friends and stay in office. He is also doing things isn't competence has disrupted the ability of regular people remove him from office in a democratic way. We can't ever lose sight that because we can't get rid of him everything that's happening. Now we'll be ten times worse by nature.

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