Tyra Banks talks Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars

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That new season dancing with the stars is premiering tonight with host tyra banks she talked to Victor Cruz about the Gig and which contestant shocked her. Resolutions on your new GIG. Tell me how excited you are to bring your you know your energy to the ball. I think I'm going to bring a little fierceness. A little little SM- is to the ballroom that's about it. In terms of the move because I'm not a choreography girl, I'm more free style. Nine busy on the dance floor. Like. If they try to tell me go left right circle circle unlike Oh, can I? Make it up as I go get ready you cool cats and hits. How did you feel when you heard Carol, Baskin was joining the cast dancing with the stars because my mouth dry? Yeah. Well, my dropped as well Li- dropped as well and speaking with the team I was like Oh want a lot of people to watch this show i. see like actually I was obsessed with tiger king so I when I heard her name I was like Yup everybody's going to be obsessed with watching her.

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