New York AG files lawsuit to dissolve NRA for 'fraud and abuse'


Here's the specs. The yacht is called illusions at first was I thought it was called the illusion or illusions. It's just called illusions talking heads. It's one hundred and eight feet long. It has a false staff also chef. It has four state rooms I think stay room in this context means bedroom. But I'm not sure whatever they are. Whatever state rooms are illusions has four of them. Illusions is a big enough boat that it comes with other boats and vehicles that ride on top of it. It comes with two jet skis and sixteen foot long jetboat. It's boat that comes with the boat. I do not know my way around a yacht. I do own a row boat but I don't know anything about you. Know the makings of a good state room if I laid down in one for a nautical nap. But I'll tell you for news purposes. You should know that boats that make the news they tend to have a paper trail online, and so I think this might be the boat in question. This might be illusions when you google illusions yacht at least this is the bad boy that pops up and it does have the the hike embedded jet skis and the vote and the fancy bedrooms and all the rest of it. The reason I went on a very pleasurable Internet. Deep dive for this today. Is that some good ship illusions some yacht of that name. has now been cited as evidence in a long long long long list of allegations of fraud and multimillion dollar self-dealing at the NRA at the national, Rifle Association in a lawsuit that was filed today by New York Attorney. General Letitia James The NRA as an organization is chartered in New York. It has been chartered in New York for well over one hundred years. As a New York institution as a New York charitable institution, it has to follow the rules and laws for nonprofits operating in New York. And according to the Attorney General's lawsuit, the longtime president of the NRA Wayne Lapierre often stayed on the illusions yacht without paying for it. Those trips were present from one of the NRA's vendors with Mr Lapierre getting the US you know the chef and the jet skis and presumably all four state rooms for free. What he didn't do was disclose his acceptance of what The New York ag alleges was this very, very expensive gift on the NRA's financial disclosures in that is something that is required by New York state. Law. From the lawsuit quote Mr Peres testimony to the attorney general he said that the reason he failed to disclose the use of the was for security reasons and because he considered the to have been used for legitimate. A legitimate business per best. But wait there's more according to the New York Attorney General Wayne Lapierre spent five hundred thousand dollars of the NRA's money. That's NRA donors right are members providing money to the NRA for its purpose is a nonprofit instead. Up here is taking a half million dollars of that money to spend specifically on private airplane flights to the Bahamas and back for his family at least eight times over just the last three years. The Attorney General says he spent more than thirteen million dollars of the NRA's money on a private travel consultant arranging additional private flights in luxury cars for him and his family. Over the last six years there was also at least one African Safari for Wayne Lapierre and his wife which the says they improperly accepted from another NRA vendor. The AG. Ticks off lots of fancy Christmas gifts for law peers, friends, and family and golf club membership fees and a twelve thousand dollars hotel bill at the four seasons not for weighing up here but for his niece. Over the course of four years, the lawsuit alleges that Wayne Lapierre was reimbursed for more than a million dollars worth of personal expenses straight out of the NRA's coffers. So. Your uncle with the NRA sticker on the back of his pickup. decided to put up there because it shows that he's an NRA member do-or-die he's been dutifully giving them their money. He's been like putting. Lapierre's niece up in the four seasons and flying Wayne in his family back and forth at the Bahamas. That membership money's been going to. The lawsuit filed today is over one hundred, fifty pages. The New York Attorney General Letitia James sets out in fairly stunning detail her case for how the president of the NRA and several of his top lieutenants drained more than sixty four, million dollars out of the NRA for their own personal gain over a very short period of time just over a period of a few years.

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