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What's up everybody is you and skipping meals David Hatfield joining this week is Tina mini everybody just Davis. Scoop and friend and SAM clayborn. We've got a great show for you this week we're going to talk about. The crazy crazy crazy deal about spiderman being exclusive to playstation. In Marvel's AVENGERS WE'RE GONNA flip through the August nineteen ninety issue of video games and computer. Entertainment. But I. Really all you need to know right now is that spunky to is finally finally coming out, September fifteenth just over month away I couldn't be more excited listeners and my friends on the show have long long heard me talk about how much I love love love spunky. Maybe my favorite game of all time cheese maybe I don't know why does it need sequel? Doesn't necessarily need one, but the like I, I. You know spunky. So brilliant and they've spent so much time making the sequel like I'm really excited to see you know how do you with with this one and what? During their, how deep they're going to get maybe they'll go so that they a lava world. You, what do you want different in this game? Necessarily different but I mean just play spunky I can't believe. We're still talking about this. You don't want the game he don't own a to do extra. This is the problem is that people like you demand sequels and they should be made everything was fine. I was I was never demanding a sequel I've been excited for the sequel though it was announced we've had to edit these episodes several times to remove your demands they're getting increasingly. Violent. My demand for this game increases. If you're if you're an Egyptian prime subscriber, you dame, it's eighteen minute weekly rant on spunky to yeah they go to edit editor. Yup you can download them. Eric while you're excited for this game looks like it has more digging. Know. It's all about systems. Interacting with each other in in unexpected surprising things on your quest to reach the end of the game. So I'm just excited for all the new stuff that they're going to add to the game. Off many many different ways to unexpectedly die during a I love spunky and. I was just joking about all that before I think the cool thing about spunky is the thing I like about Mario Brothers Games where it's like. So focused on secret stuff and as people discovered all the secrets. That that probably alone gave me hope that this game would just be like just full of like crazy cool Meta difficult things to accomplish. That that's why I needed a sequel, you catch all the seeking discover all the secrets you need more secrets. To. Shoot up date. They're like we added a bunch of secret stuff. That's the patch notes like that's the patch. This passes a secret. Good candidate for guides him. It is it is although it's kind of a it's really hard to write guides for Rogue Lakes because I'm you can kind of like classify like eventually with speeding this game became really interesting spunky because. You know there was like a type of orientation of the first level that like made sense to not restart on I think. That's really cool. Right. People basically start breaking the game to figure that stuff out but otherwise, you just gotta be like. You might see a snake. Not If. You know there's there's like a shortcuts to people could take that are built into the game that aren't yet I don't break the game. Yeah. You can tell people never to pick up certain weapons and stuff like that I. Think there is a There's an element to that type of strategy guide writing, which is interesting because there's there's a there's a public out there that I know people don't don't expect this. But it's true that just read from start to finish a game skied while they play it and I did that when I when I was a kid rock Tynan skied and didn't lessen my enjoyment of the Game I. Love The indepth page by page look at all the stuff in this game aspect that guy and people like that. So that's different from like a spunky guide readers like here's some tips. Good luck. And then apparently also. The Sony State of play today it was announced at Alan wake is coming to control DLC. Correct, but we don't have more information than that. Yeah. Honestly. I had like a I haven't been able to watch state of play in its entirety myself, but it was narrated to be my friendly gears. He makes an appearance and it has been long speculated that the DNC in meant in question would be across over with Alan. Wake. So this kind of confirms it but apparently, the trailer did not divulge much more about like. Easter kind of character or is this going to be like a playable character or villain may be and I? I guess I didn't catch this while I was playing control but I suppose or maybe I don't remember but I suppose we're a lot of references to a writer. So that's why we're the relations coming

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