The US will pay up to $10 million if you can ID a foreign election hacker


Provide information on a foreign hackers who's been meddling with the US election and you could receive up to ten million US dollars as a reward. The US State Department says the reward will go to and I quote information leading to the identification of or location of any person who works with or for a foreign government for the purpose of interfering with US elections through certain illegal cyber activities well to explain that and tell us more. Let's hear from Elizabeth Bro. She leads modern deterrence program at here in London. Welcome back to the program Elizabeth and just describe what exactly the US State Department is doing. A good money on at. This is really fascinating program. So but the State Department is doing is essentially offering the same sort of rewards for people who Reports. People who who who are planning to interfere with elections in the same way that's the US government does with people who report terrorist. So it's it's essentially bounty on election interferes information. So how do you go about catching? A Hacker D I mean who we talking about here I mean he's he's going to be claiming the prize to begin to look at counter hackers. Is it a large authorities large private sector organizations or even a teenager in his bedroom? I think it may well be teenager in his bedroom so I think the most likely. Recipient of this money is somebody working with hackers who? May have been who who are in the process of interfering with US elections and we should remember it's not just hackers. It's people who are Spreading this information as well. It aimed at undermining confidence in elections and we should remember the people who are doing it are. Oprah are often operating on behalf of another government but they don't work for the government and that is the problem in the Western governments have it's so hard to to catch them because they are can relive just be people in their bedrooms. Working survivor freelance arrangement with a country, and so people like me have long been thinking about how D- How do we deter how how can we make sure that they don't engage in that behaviour I must say as a European. I just never thought of of the option of offer offering a bounty to to people willing to turn them in. But here this is what? We are getting or this is what what US government is proposing exactly. What does it suggest about the way that the Americans are actually trying to catch these people who who are trying to meddle with the elections. There is some suggestion that you know given the large amount of money ten million dollars, and that the United States might not quite be up to the job themselves. But so this is the interesting thing right I mean when you offer bounded it sort of indicates that you've tried other means and you're not getting anywhere and that's why. Are So often used by the governments to to catch terrorists because it's The government has failed them tend to catch him in other ways, but with election interference to fear of the ways that have usually been sought about the cyber. Cyber defender. Let's say in in in our Western countries. Keeping the country safe and also signaling to to perpetrators would be prepetrators if they commit their offensive acts that would be punishment but clearly, it's not the now for the recent, we can see it's not enough is that These activities continue. So clearly the the the the would be attackers and they and their is don't feel deterred by what's currently happening in the the problem was for the defender is that if you? If you're too heavy handed if you attack back than Jose escalates. It could it could really get out of control. So this is a completely different. Take on and I think it's it's one those Soviet uniquely American with this long tradition of of bounties and something that the property ripping countries won't engage in but but it has worked with with in some cases with terrorists that the US government was was trying to find. So I mean it sounds frankly it sounds completely crazy. Let's see they even Be Able to locate a few hackers. This way Elizabeth, how much evidence is said that the current US elections has already seen some international involvement and interference. So it's It's it's hard to quantify and the the reason that this is so difficult to serve you don't even need to. Successfully interfere with an election in order for that election to be to be tainted or poisoned or compromised. What's it's enough for people to have the impression that that's the election is being. Tinkered with by somebody and and that's the really frightening thing. So that was They've been very service both. Opponents both in the US and elsewhere that people whether such and such election in that country. was interfered with, for example, by the Russians, and and for something in here in UK, there was a recent poll where. Forty nine percent of people in the UK thought that rushing to with the brexit referendum. So it doesn't really matter whether Russia defeated with Brexit Brentford with mattresses at half of the population in the UK thanks that rushing to fit and then the referendum is already tainted by that and that is that makes this whole thing so difficult. So it's it and that's why program like this may not have much. Effect because what matters is people think in other countries interfering

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