Joe Biden's Potential Running Mate: Who Is Karen Bass?


Campaign Campaign 2020. 2020. We We don't don't have have long long to to wait wait for for Joe Joe Biden Biden to to announce announce his his running running mate. mate. It's It's expected expected to to happen happen next next week. week. As As the the list list is is narrowed. narrowed. California California Democratic Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass is considered a key contender. She's 66 chairs the Congressional Black Caucus. We talk about Bass with Washington Post political analyst and data columnist David Beiler, who has continued his Siri's looking at various potential Biden. Runningmate. Karen Bass would be governing choice rather than election choice. You know, she's a representative from California, California is not exactly a swing state so she doesn't have exactly those advantages. But her advantages would really come into play. Actually, when buying is in office so fast is widely known as someone who is a compromiser who sort of an incrementalist, not someone who is necessarily a purist, which really sets with Biden's governing style. He talks a lot about wanting to negotiate and compromise with the Republicans as much as possible. She is the head of the Congressional Black Caucus. On DSO. Dominating paths would be a real nod to multiple different groups that have been important to the buying campaign. There's black women who are the most Democratic demographic group in the country. There are black congressional leaders like Jim Clyburn, who helped revive Biden's campaign when it was really on the ropes in late February of this year. Andi. She's someone who I think you've seen in recent interviews has some instincts that are a little bit Biden esque When asked about the defund the police slogan she sort of did to step that. I think you reminded me. A fine one was to say, I don't like defund the police as a slogan, which is smart because that collection of words does not pull well. At the same time, we're sort of able to say they're these elements of the plans that I support. And those are elements of the plans that her constituents like so she kind of has a lot of stylistic things and a lot of talents and abilities that I think makes her sort of governing pick if you well, you alluded to this about the fact that she's from California, and you're not gonna get a Republican victory in California at least on this level. Is that the one downside to abiding bass ticket or are there others? I think the other downside is that the vetting Been relatively minimal compared to some of the other candidates. Now, Obviously, the buying campaign is doing their own betting with every candidate right now, and you know, putting him through the paces and seeing if there's something going on That they wouldn't want on their ticket. But Bass within the last couple months has come under fire for remarks where she called Fidel Castro commandant and Hef and sort of had a tone that lot of other people. Democrats from Florida in particular did not appreciate so the question with passes. Is there more baggage? When you look at someone like Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren? They've already been through the wringer and a presidential primary. Susan Rice has already gone through a Senate confirmation hearing. So the question with bass is also just Is there anything that you don't know that might be harmful, and the answer might be know that by knows everything and that there's nothing else there. But You know, there's some amount of risk in a pick that hasn't been in the public eye so much. David Beiler, political analysts and data columnist for The Washington Post, joining us on Skype.

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