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This week's project car of the week is one of my favorite cars that I've come across recently, and it was posted on the one hundred facebook page on Tuesday. August eleventh at twelve pm it pretty much checks all the boxes for what I think is great in a project car. So let's not beat around the bush. Let's read the AD. Nineteen Sixty Eight Dodge coronet superbeet twelve thousand five hundred dollars, Omaha Nebraska. West Virginia car original numbers matching three, eighty three or four speed tags still intact on transmission rear end and carburetor includes vendor tag and bill. She cleaned Nebraska title needs complete restoration does not run, but motor spins free folks. What we have right here is the quintessential ratty mobile muscle car a nineteen, sixty eight super be the first year for Dodge Budget Street brawler aimed at the youth enthusiast market during the rise of the muscle car era and the answer to Plymouth. Road runner folks, I love Super Bees and I really WanNa have one in my collection someday. I've actually thought about not even getting a new challenger and just finding an old super be that I could build a modernized A. Twelve with modern Hammy in a six pack Efi setup just because the idea that car sounds really cool to me. But of course, this is a nineteen, sixty eight so while it wouldn't necessarily make a good h well, tribute car, it would still make one hell of a cool ratty Mo- par with a modern power plant but I digress this be would be an awesome project car for someone or heck you know get it running and drive the wheels off of this car has perfect sunburned Patina and I'm not sure why but faded bumble bee stripes awesome on these old ratty Radebe's, and they really kick up the cool factor on these ratty mopeds for me especially with the super vs because. In my opinion and has one of the greatest graphic patches of all time on the rear tail end of it. It's got the Bumblebee Stripe and it's got the circle this a superbeing it's got the super be in it. I. Just think it's really cool. But this car is numbers matching, which is amazing and even more amazing is that this thing still has the tags on the Trans rear end and carb not to mention that even has the fender tags still attached and. You know. The picture of this thing shows under the seat is an amazingly, well preserved build sheet, which is really really cool. I, mean what's not to like about this thing? It even has a clean title for God sakes the engine isn't stuck, which is good but it doesn't run, which means it doesn't drive but you know what I like about that the low price of twelve thousand dollars you know twelve, thousand, five hundred were being specific but let's be real as long as the engine ain't stuck. You know as well as I do that the odds of getting this old Mo- par fired up are definitely in our favor. And Hey did I mention this four speed man I'm about to liquidate all of my Mo- pars and head out to Nebraska and get this thing if it hasn't already sold by the time, this episode airs you know what I mean. But of course, kidding but nobody wants to buy my junk on. There's cool cars out there like this that still need to be saved but this car you know it does need work all over the place. The interior exterior under the hood, the suspension, and I'm sure it's all pretty extensive work but the car is complete and you know that alone makes it a great project in my opinion because it's hard enough to find numbers matching project car let alone project super be that has a lot of the necessary things for documentation for nearly ten thousand dollars. You know what? I mean this twelve five that's not bad. That's not a far stretch from ten. You know I've seen projects, superbeets and CORONET RT's and chargers you know. Closer to twenty thousand or even in some cases over twenty thousand well over twenty thousand. So for twelve, thousand, five, hundred, I'm not complaining. But of course, I'd like to get it for ten grand but you know me, I'm a low baller but I think you'd be really hard pressed to find something equivalent in the market right now for around the same price for a car that's complete like this. But if there are any out there that you Nov, let me know because I'd love to check them out feature right here project the week you know folks. Told thousand five hundred dollars in my opinion this is a great by for a really cool car. This is one of those instances where once again I'm a day late in about twelve thousand, four, hundred, ninety, nine dollars short because I would love to have this car and I would absolutely pay single penny. The seller wants for this thing without thinking twice and you may be out there thinking you know. Chris you're crazy. But Hey, I'm well aware of just how crazy I am any penny less than the asking price for this be is just steel in my book but in all seriousness I hope someone out there listening to this you know jumps on the Mo- part facebook page finds the car and makes a deal on it to save it. So that's project

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