New York - Arrests Made In Case Of Long Island Woman Who Claimed She Was Being Terrorized By Neighbors


Or a huge pain, And the latter seems to be the case in Valley Stream on Long Island For years. Jennifer make leg in a Valley stream says she has been harassed by her neighbors, she believes because she is black. The neighbors are white, the Nassau County D. A says after an investigation, the neighbors were arrested 57 year old John McEnaney and his girlfriend 53 year old Mindy, can Eric the Madeleine sink. Says the couple dangerously fired shots from a pellet gun onto make Legans property along with throwing dog and human feces on her yard. I was heartbroken when I saw the sign on a Miss McLagan store. National County is a very safe place to live, and no one should feel threatened in their own home. I hope that she and her daughter can sleep better tonight, knowing that we have her back. McLagan, who is a nurse and a mother of a two year old daughter, put up a sign on her door talking about how scared she is off her neighbors. Now she worries her life is in danger. A couple now has an order of protection against them. They were released without bail. They say they are not racist and call the harassment and criminal mischief charges against them. Absolutely ridiculous. Sophia Hall. WCBS news

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