SpaceX launches Starship prototype on dramatic test flight


So I up some news on space of course earlier this week, they had the successful completion of the crew demo to mission with the splashdown astronauts, Bankin and Doug. Yesterday. We had some more good news on space x with the successful test flight hundred and fifty meter hop as they are known, which is just a launch and then a quick landing of starship prototype vehicle S and five or serial number five. So this was a similar to these star hopper flight that happened last year. If you remember that and the reason, these tests are so exciting because this is the. Iteration process for the vehicle that will eventually carry humans to Mars at least that is the goal Yulon in June said that they are targeting to for the first cargo mission to Mars and twenty twenty four for the first crude mission. Among other things, this test is based XS next generation raptor engine. This test flight was a single engine vehicle. The final starship is supposed to have six raptor engines and that will. Eventually sit on rocket booster called super heavy with thirty one of the raptor engines as far as what comes next for starship. Yuan, said quote we'll do several short hops to smooth out launch process. Then go high altitude with lots and quote in reply to a tweet from rocket photographer Austin Bernard, which read quote today marks the beginning of a new era even though this is a small step, we are A. Giant leap closer to Mars than we were yesterday. The Future of interplanetary travel is upon US Mars here we come and quote Yulon replied quote Mars is looking real and quote also in response to on twitter he said progress is accelerating salon was clearly very happy with the results of

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