Understanding Whats Really Underneath Your Childs Behavior with Dr. Pejman Katiraei


Welcome to the brain podcast. I'm your host Droop wrote and each week my team and I bring on a new guest who we think can help you improve your brain health feel. Feel better and love more. This week's guest is Dr. Pettman Qatar Ryan Dr k as he's known to many of his patients is a board certified pediatrician who's also board certified and fellowship trained in integrative and holistic medicine. He completed his undergraduate at Ucla and then he obtained his osteopathic medical degree at Western. University of Health Sciences. He completed his pediatric residency at Loma Linda University, the famous Loma Linda. where, he stayed on as pediatric chief resident and then as teaching faculty for over four years while he founded the Loma Linda University holistic medicine clinic. Dr K also completed two fellowships integrative medicine one with the University of Arizona Dr Case. Second Fellowship wasn't Endo Bio Jeanie and thereby ginny as a European systems biology medical model, which emphasizes the use of. In the management of Neuro Endocrine, system Dr K. is one of a few physicians in the country with mastery of osteopathy functional medicine, functional endocrinology, herbal herbalism, medical herbalism, and more Dr K. is now in private practice here in lovely Santa Monica where he focuses on helping children with severe behavioral challenges incredible bio. Dr Kate Welcome to the broken being pot. Adding more LADES, you're young man, you're only forty-three. There's a lot more accolades you can add to your resume over the. Perfect job. A Mike my goal at the end of the day to help kids feel better. That's beautiful. Goal a beautiful purpose and I can't wait to dig into that in today's podcast and I wanna get into a little bit of origin story. How did you get clear and where did all the puzzle pieces aligned himself that that is your goal. You know. I think the universe was calling me. To do this. The first reason why I got into, it was for my own health up as a kid, I had pretty severe anxiety. SPENT, most of my adolescent teenage years in mix of anxiety and depression yo and. My nervous system was upside down and I couldn't really understand why I knew that I was different. I knew I experienced the world differently, but I really had no clue why you know like who would have thought that eating fast food everyday. All Day will be an issue for for your nervous system going bonkers is that what was going on? Were you eating fast food and kind of go? How is the standard American new way of life I mean college like that's what you do. Right Even I remember actually Loma Linda is a vegetarian institution. Why it's famous for being one of the hospital in the Blue Zone. The seventh day adventists. Yeah. But when I got accepted there, one of the thoughts that I had is like Oh my God. What am I gonNA do without my burgers. And that was the mindset I had going into training because I didn't know any better and what actually got me to start looking outside was during my training. I kept kept coming across these cases and I remember one very, very vividly. Twelve year. Old Guy. Severe Severe Colitis. Came in with toxic, Mega Colin were his colon had dilated to about ten centimeters, which is huge, and we did around the steroids. We did some medications for him. He got better when home. Two weeks later, I was still on service. Worse off than before and Beato, our team started the discussion and we brought in all the specialists and basically the end of the discussion was well, he's failing medications. We just need to cut out his colon literally was like he failed medications. So the next option is we just cut out this twelve year olds a lot inflammation. Something's going on. Let's just cut the thing out. because. That is the next standard of care, right. I had a lot of these kinds of scenarios where kids would show up like I remember another guy who plays soccer. He scraped his knee niece bowl up and then thirty six hours later, he was dead. You know and they were just like well, sometimes staff does unlike I've scraped my knee, I haven't died like, what was it about his system that caused him to fall apart and it was this recurring question of like these things don't add up two plus two equal in this scenario and the institution, and they're really smart people alone Linda, don't get me wrong. But the pediatric conventional training was like no two plus two equals farm like it doesn't look this way. So as it is in most hospitals and worst Western approach. Places. Because that's what people are trained in. But you were asking a different question. You're like, okay. This doesn't make sense what's really going on. Exactly. Yeah, and that is what ultimately led me to start taking courses. So I, I went to one holistic kind of course, and it was a dinky little course, but I was like, oh. My God I, you know I have found my people, the light bulbs went off and you started connecting dots. And then from there I went and did a bunch of training with Institute of Functional Medicine and the trading with the University of Arizona, and in the midst of that, I started realizing the pieces that were affecting me so like. I did the elimination diet and started feeling better and then I found myself to have MTA. And I think my initial homocysteine was sixteen when I first tested it, I'm like Jesus. So I started injecting myself with B twelve and you know I was my own best Guinea pig. And in the midst of getting interested, what also happened is Loma Linda's in didn't have anyone that was getting interested in this stuff. They're like, Hey, you wanNA, start a holistic medicine clinic and. Like. Two years of my training and there I was like all of the sudden getting handed these patients you know and I was the expert even though I basically didn't know that much. But through the process of learning and I was really really privileged to be put in a place where you know fifty year olds, I was a pediatrician fifth year olds with Severe Lupus. Land in my doorstep helped me I'm like. I don't know anything about Lupus. So let me learn so I. I spent all this time. Just researching in learning. You know any person that I could find with any material they had on the Web I was reading books listening to the videos. And I was just consuming all of this information in the midst of that. Also learning from my patients,

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