Galaxy Note 20: We Dig Into Samsung's Latest Flagship

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Is new about the no twenty yeah. There aren't any huge notable things where you're gonNA say oh wow this looks totally different or feels totally different or seems totally different This is kind of Marvin iteration from what we saw last year and frankly in innovation from the s twenty lineup So there's The, there's two versions the note twenty in the note twenty ultra The note twenty has a plastic back Samsung went with Matt colors time, which is kind of Nice. We're all interested to see what that actually looks like in person The ultra uses gorilla glass on the front and the back and it has A. One of the big things that we saw happen is in the s twenty lineup there the ultra had this one, hundred x space zoom You know that they demonstrated zooming in like crazy far being able to see things and this time they've paired it back. So now we've only got fifty in the ultra so it's not as big of assume. Which I think is probably ultimately a good thing that was kind of blurry and frankly a little creepy how far you could zoom with your phone. The screen sizes are pretty big one of the things that was really nice about last year's note line was that Samsung had a new note that actually wasn't that big of the note ten was six point three inches this year the note twenty starts at six point seven and then the ultra is six point nine. So you know these are very large phone so. You really appealing to kind of those loyal note fans yellow will be questioned is how much do these phones cost? Yeah. They're not cheap. The. The note twenty is nine, Ninety nine, and then the ultra is twelve, ninety nine. So these are definitely premium phones I think people are going to be kind of looking at the note twenty and saying, okay, this is thousand dollar phone I'm not really getting a lot more than maybe. Beginning from some of the older versions, is it worth it or? Do I pay that extra and get the ultra that has you know kind of. Our specs it just is. More premium device. So we're really going to see what people ended up doing when it comes to making these decisions.

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