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The day we have an interesting guests. Bruce Smith from hydro reuss. Why don't you just introduce yourself little eight? Great to be with you on the show and name is Bruce Smith I'm a Canadian living in America, and and the CEO and founder of a company called Hydro. What's grow? Yeah, hydro is a indoor rowing machine, and it uses some pretty revolutionary resistance mechanism technology to make it quiet, but the coolest thing. Thing about the machine. The part that we love the most about it is that we broadcast not fitness classes, but we actually take the experience of being out on the water rowing, and we have instructors out there. Who talked to you directly live on a beautiful twenty two inch, high definition screen with great speakers, so you actually experienced being out on the water and being part of a rowing crew you know from. From your living room or your bedroom or wherever you machine, so it's like having a penitent Kloss, except it's on a rowing machine that is extremely quiets why it whereas like putting us more broad, you know like almost feeding like you're dancing. Really off focusing on you know creating an immersive experience of being out there rowing exactly so we have trademark this idea of votaw reality and I love Peleton we have A. A time in the office they're they're totally great. It's really fun and it is. You said it's exactly right. It's like being at the club with your friends. You know you're not drinking or smoking, but you're you know you're listening to music or super photogenic people. You know it's fun experience and we love that that's great for us the coolest thing that we could think of doing to take this concept of live. Elo are and create an immersive experience so rather than going to the club every day for your workout, which is great, we can have great music and really really charismatic instructors, but you're actually out on the river, or on the bay, Miami beach or rowing by London, bridge, so, who do you think is it for? Is it like somebody that Audio Patent Than They WanNa? WanNa to mix up the workout as really somebody that is looking for different experience because they don't like going to a club, but they wanna have liberal quietness of actually being outdoors and row. It's for people who are looking for the very best experienced the best workout experience and the best way to connect with their friends, so Peleton has a leaderboard which is great. Great, but you're really competing. You're competing by yourself and you know not that many people have actually wrote out of the water in a boat with other people, but the experience of it is unbelievable. You're right on the water, but most importantly you're moving in complete rhythm with seven other people, Ya, howdy, howdy create that because if I'm Roy like, let's say like on. On, a big rowing team or like even dragon boating like a need to be in sync with everyone right because as soon somebody's out of things not working. That's exactly right. In human beings hardware. They love to do things in synchronicity with other people. It makes you feel better. It's like it's a genuine way of connecting and when you're biking, you know you're. You're like ninety five or one hundred beats per minute, and and really not moving in the same rhythm as as the instructor like you're having a shared experience, but it's not exactly the same rhythm when you're on the rowing machine, you're encouraged. It's actually really easy. You move every part of your body in exactly the same rhythm as the instructor, and so there's some brain. Brain science behind this you know the brain is an aerobic organ like a muscle, you not energy systems like like the rest of your body, and so every time you make a decision in your brain. You're using some energy, and so when you're exercising, you have to keep deciding to exercise and they're really really cool thing about rowing especially when you're rowing crew like. Like, not just on a machine by yourself in a room, but when you're rowing as part of a team, you turn off that decision making process in your brain, because the person that you're following the person in front of you is is making those decisions. You don't have to make them, so you achieve the state of flow much much faster and we know from. From our experience and I know from my experience as a national team coach that has it actually has a profound impact on people. It is the best exercise you can do. It's also US eighty six percent of your body's muscles when you're biking like forty forty five percent of your muscles with you have to use your arms and legs. It's like a full body. And your core and it improves your bone density also, so it really is like. If there was one pill that you could take, that would like. Make you friends and make you healthier. You take that pill. Of course. We feel like we've got that pill. We all would like that, but say so just saw. Listeners can really imagine how the product experience looks like so I'm imagining now you're sitting on a rowing machine and you have like a huge monitor of some sort right, and and you see an instructor like. How do you create that experience off? Somebody actually sitting in front of me. Somebody's sitting behind me and I'm not competing against. Against them, but we actually working together like how you create that certainly question, so this isn't like we didn't just go. Go to the river with some of our friends and get some go prost. We don't talk about our our workouts as we talk about them as episodes and we hired this really really amazing film team, and so we take all the experience that Hollywood and television. Television have created in the United States and we apply that skill in that art to capturing the whole experience of being out on the water, so we have four cameras. We have a team that is mixing and editing that you know. The most important part of this are two things number one is the rhythm, and so you never lose that rhythm and the instructor. Who's WHO's out. Out there with you is encouraging you to be in rhythm with everybody, and it's very very easy to follow like you do it instantly, even people who've never done it before within like two or three strokes there in the right rhythm, and then the other part is that emotional connection and two things contribute a lot to that one is music, so we have an amazing library of. Of Music and the other is making sure that when you're filming, you captured not just the rhythm, and the experience of being outside, and and the you know the environment of being out on the water, but also the eyes of the instructor is are the window to the soul, and it's it sounds trite, but it's. It's unbelievably true like you have to see. People's facing to be able. Able to read what's in there is and it, it's that experience being able to move your whole body in the same rhythm, AC- instructor and also connect with them. Because you feel what they're feeling, you know they're out on the water and they're excited about what they're doing. They're you know they're training for the US national team and they're sharing their passion for sport that they love. Love more than anything else, and it's really it is genuinely inspiring, and we thought just a crazy response from consumers, which is really encouraging, and

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