The latest on TikTok: Microsoft takeover talks, a potential U.S. ban and more


Latest flareup between the US and China is tiktok again, the video sharing APP president trump threatened to ban the APP Friday some policy makers of said TIKTOK poses a national security risk because it could share the US user data with the Chinese government. Something tiktok has repeatedly denied tiktok parent company in China Bite Dance says despite. A possible ban in the US it remains committed to its global audience for more. Here's marketplace's China correspondent. Jennifer, pack Shanghai tiktok owner by dense is headquartered in Beijing, and because of this US officials are worried that by dance could let the Communist Party of China access. The data tiktok collects from American users and allegation denied by Bite dance and the Chinese government over the weekend by dance released A. Statement on Chinese social media saying the firm faces all kinds of quote complex and unimaginable difficulties alluding to the U. S., China trade tension plus cultural differences by dance also accuses facebook. It's competitor in overseas markets of smear and plagiarism. No doubt referring to facebook's release of a Tiktok like product called instagram reels a memo from BITE DANCES CO to its staff leaked to the Chinese tech new site. Ping West. Says Tiktok is committed to serve American users and has no choice but to sell its US operations Microsoft confirms it is now currently in talks to take over tick talks operations in the Canada Australia and New Zealand. A few comments on the Chinese web say US Action Against Tiktok is fitting since China locks US tech giants like facebook, Google and twitter in Shanghai I'm Jennifer pack for marketplace.

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