PGA Championship's biggest questions -- From Tiger Woods' back to Brooks Koepka's game to a fanless major


And finally, golf's first major championship of the year starts tomorrow. It's the PGA Championship at Harding Park in San Francisco. Tiger Woods is going to be in the field. He thinks it's going to be really weird, not having fans lining the fairways and the greens at a major, that's Ah Unknown. I don't know if anyone and Our generation's ever played without without fans in a major championship, it's gonna be very different. But it's still a major championship. It's still the best players in the world. We all understand that going into it, so there's plenty of energy From the competitive side, but a ce faras energy outside the ropes that is An unknown They'll get that energy elsewhere. Hopefully from that competitive nature, he's speaking about Tiger Jean tees off tomorrow at 10:33 a.m.

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