Origin Stories: Joe Coulombes Quirky Legacy at Trader Joes


From wondering I'm David. Brown and this is business wars daily on this Monday August third. During the pandemic, the news has been rushing by faster than a bullet train. It's easy to get caught up in the daily news overlook the big picture. So this week we're taking a little step back in looking at the origin stories of some of America's most iconic companies I in our series trader. Joe's it's founder Joe Colom died in. March, at the age of eighty nine trader Joe's of course, is the neighborhood grocery chain that transformed millions of people, shoppers, and employees alike into cult-like fans. The impact of his markets has been so significant that the Washington Post called Coloma cultural icon there's no trader Joe's near You well, let me. Step back for just a second and tell you the story. It was nineteen, sixty, seven Joe Coolum. Thirty seven had built a chain of eighteen convenience stores in California when gigantic seven eleven came along and he realized he couldn't compete according to the New York Times. The had to find something else to do one day. Kulam read that sixty percent of young people who were qualified to go to college. We're going thank you GI bill. He also read that Boeing was building a plane, the seven, thirty seven that would give more people the opportunity to travel overseas the assumed more international travel would make Americans pallets more adventurous New York Times reported. The idea for trader Joe's a store with fresh produce, sophisticated flavors and good wine affordable prices was born he opened the first one in Pasadena California that year famously Kulon conceived of Trader Joe's is a store for the quote over educated and underpaid his stores would serve budding foodies who wanted something more than they could get it typical supermarkets but who couldn't pay a fortune for it and something? More was what he built quirky stores with. South. Seas flair shelves stocked with Exotic Cheeses and gourmet foods from other countries and eventually natural foods and organic produce. He also trained cashiers to be both friendly and authentic a tradition that continues. So strongly today that following colognes death one woman tweeted name one mental health professional that could teach me as much about emotional intimacy as a trader. Joe's cashier. The hawaiian-shirted workers often seem so unusually pleasant that people ask why they seem so happy. It isn't simply good customer service training that accounts for the smile. It's no Colom also believed in treating employees well, today according to the trader Joe's claims that its workers are among the industry's best compensated employees they receive annual raises ranging from seven to ten percent health insurance starts on. Day One more than one person tweeted that trader Joe's covered health crises that other companies would likely not such as the woman who claimed that her colleague faced a two million dollar bill for brain cancer treatments. But with trader, Joe's health insurance he paid nothing as the A. P. noted, many workers have stayed with trader Joe's for decades in an industry marked by high turnover. From colognes ethics good food at affordable prices came hundreds of store brand items like Granola in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, two unheard of cookie butter and frozen Mac and cheese

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