Get to Know Lindsey Vonn


Heard last week's episode cows good time to go back and check it out. We collect, introduce yourself I am when's Yvonne? I won the Olympics in downhill skiing I'm from Minnesota and I am currently engaged to peek a SU- ban of the New Jersey devils and have three dogs slap makes you a rebel girl I mean I'm a rebel girl because I've always followed my dreams and a really high goals for myself and I think that's what being a rebel really means you know striving for greatness and being the best that you can be. Simone had to make some hard decisions in order to proceed gymnastics. What were some hard decisions you had to make on your way to becoming an Olympic skier I? Think every athlete honestly has to make hard decisions especially if you WANNA be in Olympia and I'm the oldest of five kids and my parents had to decide. To our entire family to Colorado from Minnesota and so that was a huge sacrifice for my whole family But we all did it together and I wouldn't have made it without their support, but it was definitely a a really difficult time for all of us. Tell us about the work you're doing with the lose Yvonne Foundation well. I'm really proud of what I'm doing with Lindsey. Vonn Foundation and I actually started it when I had my second ACL surgery and so a little complicated but ACL is like your main ligament that crosses through kind of the middle of your knee, and that really is the stabilizing ligament for your whole leg and. Very critical, obviously for skiing. So it was a very long recovery and. The second ACL surgery I had in two years. So needless to say, I had a lot of time on my hands and that was a positive of that injury was being able to start my foundation. In your knee tube series career day you interview notable women and fell female athletes what inspired you to start the series. So career actually started because I was trying to think of ways to keep kids motivated during the coronavirus lockdown. Was Not being able to go to school and doing some online stuff and. A lot of kids that were involved in sports had a really hard time. You know they couldn't practice with their teams or coaches all the gyms were shut down. So I just wanted to have them connect with their heroes are idols, and you know kind of keep their minds focused on the future and not what's currently going on. So you know kind of connected some of my scholarship winners with heroes in in their particular field know Caroline Wozniacki, Misty Copeland Ballerina. have an astronaut that's coming on I just have some incredible people and their these kids that have these scholarships are able to talk directly to their heroes and. That's something that really is profound to me because when I met my idol peekaboo street when I was nine at an autograph signing that was really the reason why I wanted to become an Olympian. So I hope that this interaction with these people allows them to really stay motivated and focused and know that the dream is actually achievable. Gown is a big part of skiing and gymnastics. How do you get back up? I think falling is a part of life you know. Maybe gymnastics and skiing, and it's a little bit more physical but I think we all have obstacles in our lives and You know the the the fall or the obstacles really the important part. The important part is knowing that you can pick yourself back up and keep going and learn from your mistake. Mistakes aren't bad unless you don't learn from them. So I always look it falls as opportunities to learn opportunities to get better. And we're inherently in our entire lives always gonNA fall, but we have to have the strength to pick ourselves backup. Many of our young fans help to pursue their sport professionally. Do you have any advice for young girls who dream of Competing in the Big Leagues? You know the biggest piece of advice I can give you is. Always dream big and work as hard as you can always give one hundred and ten percent. You know if you always give your best, you're always going to get the best outcome and no matter. If that's winning Olympic gold medal or competing on your high school team or making it to college or getting scholarship you know everyone has their own. Best you know, and you just have to work

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