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With some 600,000 outages in parts of New York City, Westchester in the Hudson Valley. Governor Cuomo calls it unacceptable and launches an investigation into New York utilities are Steve Burns has to take Governor Cuomo calls it a reckless disregard by utility companies to prepare for the storm. He's directing the state Department of Public Service to investigate most of New York's big electric companies. Meanwhile, a state of emergency has also been declared for most of downstate New York like I agree with the governor, but it's you know, it's time to do more than investigation. We've done investigation, New York City Council member cost A Constanta This chair's the Environmental Protection Committee. We end up in these situations where we keep being called. We're going to be ready. Then the big event happens. We all know the big event coming and you know, we end up still with over 100,000 people not having power. He's joining the calls for Con Ed to be taken over and turned into a publicly owned utility. We see now the municipality's do it. Do it successfully cheaper there in the way that people keep their power. After the blackout in Manhattan last year, Governor Cuomo mentioned the possibility of the state, forcing Con ed out. But nothing came of it.

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