Changing Planes and Plans with Jen Ruiz


Jenin I talk about her life in Puerto Rico growing up in Philadelphia what it was like to go to law school. Then what a became not practicing law as she started solo traveling and we of course talked about what inspired her to travel, which was being thirty and not being married and having children and wanting that resonated with me as when she talked about letting things be when letting things happen and unfold as they are supposed to when you're a planner and I, think this is one of the things when we get into this topic in the interview that is going to resonate with you as we live through pandemic Jen. Also, shares with us about self publishing becoming a travel blogger and I talk about Australia at the trip that I was going to take to Australia that ended up obviously not taking because that was going to happen between March and April and and that was right when all the things went down. So of course, I didn't make to Ustralia but I did make it to speak at that conference. So I can still call myself an international speaker because I got to speak honest age in Australia while I was in San Diego huckle is that but a winner I'll leave that for another story I will let you enjoy conversation with Jen druce. Jan. welcome together on Prem. How are you? I'm good. How are you is So you are currently in Puerto Rico I. Am okay I'm in Sunny San Diego we are I guess coasts. So you're I'm the Atlantic. Ocean Yes but we both are blessed with beautiful weather I know I. Love Puerto Rican put her because one of my favorite places in the world I love Puerto Rico when I went outside Omega I was from the Caribbean in a past life. I felt home. I'm so happy to hear that I'm so happy to hear that I want more people to come and if they have been before to revisit and if they. Haven't come for the first time because Puerto Rico really is an amazing place and gets a little bit of a bad rep with everything that's happened in the last few years but it just is so resilient and it's such a beautiful island with a lot of natural attractions and you know metropolitan bustling area and a lot of history and culture, and it's just amazing. So I'm so happy to hear that you enjoy it as well for sure in the food I like food. I've had to work really hard to not gain weight while I've been here. Yeah. Go every day. You know it's good for the soul but not necessarily for the hearts up out of moderation I. Suggest let's explore your stories to tell us what's your background with your heritage. So I am Puerto Rican, I was born here on the island I moved when I was six, my family was looking for better opportunities like so many others in that generation I think from the island they just now have their children have started returning to the island and it's a nice thing to see because there is still remaining. Anybody. Who left still has a lot of pride and still loves to share and see things from the island and you know just a sensible Rudo really within everybody here, and so I moved when I was six I grew up in Philadelphia and then I ended up going to college in Miami which became like a second home for me I. Really Love South Florida I went to law school in Baltimore and then I was like, what was I thinking I should've just stayed in south Florida. So mmediately to law school at right back and I was living there for many years I guess ten years. Between School and coming back. Loved it was the one place that was very just like you said, just felt very like home like the people there. I could relate to them like they had delicious food that I liked eating every radio station and play to get the on. Just, a really natural fit and loved it and I still do and I still consider south Florida to be a second home but it's also very nice for me to have this opportunity to come back nappy areas Puerto Rico rather than just like from family visits and family trips and things like that. But on my own and really get an appreciation for the island

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