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Welcome to film spotting back in early March one of the most anticipated films of the year for US Josh Kelley, records first cow finally came to theaters, and then less than two weeks after its release the COVID nineteen pandemic force, the nation's movie theaters to close along with just about everything else meeting that most people never got a chance to see it. It it wasn't quite the last movie I saw pre pandemic. The penultimate I think I fit in birds of prey, just after I scout, that sounds right and man, my so grateful we were able to get first cow, because to have to sit for a few more months without seeing it as many people had, that would have been tortuous. Yeah, the pandemic. Records plans to come to Chicago when we were scheduled to sit down with her for an interview fast forward now to July first cow is now finally available to rent on demand, and we got a chance to talk to Kelly Reicher by phone later in the show will revisit our first cow review from back in March and hopefully more of you have had a chance to catch up with it now that it is available to rent I though it is our conversation with Kelly Reichardt in addition to first cow. Films include 2016 certain women that starred Kristen Stewart Laura, dern and her frequent collaborator Michelle Williams before that she offered us night moves that was about a trio of radical environmentalists, one of those played by Jesse Eisenberg and she gave us of course meek's cutoff. Which I think is still her masterpiece in Oregon trail set. Film that yeah, a lot of people consider among the very best of the last decade Wendy and Lucy was the film before that one. This was a doomed road trip movie again with Williams, and then the first film that I saw of Hers Atom I think you as well two thousand six's old joy, that one like I call centers on male friendship records debut film river of grass that came out back in nineteen, ninety four for first cow reichert return to the Pioneer Era Pacific northwest setting of Meek's cutoff. Cutoff for a tale of unlikely friendship capitalism, and yes, oil leaks in the movie, a cook from the east to play by John McEnroe joins a group of for trappers Oregon there. He meets Orion lease King Liu a Chinese immigrant, the to become friends and set out on a risky business venture together. Also, there is a cow. It's the first cow in the area. Josh indeed floating down the river in one of the movies more memorable images I'd say absolutely. Let's get to that conversation with Kelly Reicher now. Call me cookie. Mother died when I was born, and then my father died. I never stopped moving. It's a good thing stopped at the puzzle. No way for women to stop. have account cow in the. same place for cows. That's no place for white men. He's A. Since virginity here. Kelly thanks so much for coming back on spotting. It's great to have you nice to be here in virtually exactly so josh and I have both spoken very very favorably of the film, actually our favorite film of the year so far between us, and we both talked about it as almost a parable, a movie that in a story that seemingly very simple, the kind that maybe could even be passed down orally, and without any heavy-handedness or easy moralizing impart. Truths are we on the right path? Do you see I cal that way? I'm. A visual person so. Making it is a audible story I. How came from Jonathan Raymond's novel? The half life. I I'd have to think about it. I haven't thought about it in those terms of course moist thinking about it in images. Yes, so When you say. It's your favorite film. I don't know why you have to qualify it and say so far to stop watching other things. But seems fair. That seems fair. I'm sure you're like A. I think all those qualities topping out exist? I just yeah. I haven't thought about it. In terms that of course I I think maybe a better way to phrase that would have been if if you think about it and I know that this sounds almost like it's simplifying, but whether or not you think about this project, or any other is in terms of imparting kind of lesson, or is there. Is there some? Is there something you were trying to teach to the audience? No No. No I don't think so. I mean I. Know I would not want to think in those terms I mean I hope it has. Layers to it that there's things to think about and Questions to ask as far as. I mean ultimately I think like to focus on the friendship and kept blake quote in the beginning. That's in John's. Novel to remind myself that ultimately are making a film about friendship, and there are these teams of capitalism and You know running through out the new the but It has to be considered like just figuring out how to do seem sort of. Where the power lies in a scene, so it's not like I'm not thinking about those things, but I'm Only, in terms of how they relate to cooking, King Lou not in terms of. Some world message or cheek I World should not be being taught from me. That's for sure.

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