Amazon & Walmart changing checkout experience

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Amazon. Has Developed a shopping cart. Is Most. People aren't aware Amazon very quietly. Is Opening, Amazon branded supermarkets. And they're doing just a few around the country is they've really failed with whole foods they're trying to come up with an Amazon branded supermarket and the shopping carts. Automatically. Know, what you have in your cart. And when you're done shopping. You just walk right out of the Amazon Grocery. So you don't even stop at a cashier. And the one thing you have to be as you have to be registered with Amazon. With the APP on your phone. And then it knows who you are when you come in knows how you're going to pay. And then the heart I know this is freaky and weird but the cart. Automatically Is. To Register each item. That has gone in there. It's called the the Dash Cart. And when you're done. You're done just go straight to your vehicle. Walmart. Amazon's rival. Is rumored to be coming out with an? Addition, to. Their APP. Where registered shoppers and it's not clear what category that's going to be will be able to. Check out of the store on their own right on their phone. It's not as easy. As what Amazon's offering very similar if you are a Sam's club shopper and have used their self-checkout. On your phone and it's great. Because allows people who know how much money they can spend to not get to the register and say, Oh, I don't have enough money for that. Were you take that off you take that off, take that off you. As you go along, you're able to ring things up. You know what they're going to cost what your total bill is and the rest, and this puts cashier jobs at risk obviously. But, the. Retailer. Is Looking to create a more efficient environment, and then the other aspect that's been rumored is that they're trying to deal with people's fears of human contact right now with corona and that's why. They're going to offer people the ability to ring up their own purchases completely different than self-checkout. This is just reading the Barcodes as you go on your phone with a running total. And then you end up checking yourself out. It creates a bar code that the greeter at the door scans with a little electronic gun. And they're able to verify the. You're a okay and you leave the store not ever having gone to a register line four one.

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