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Not get caught up on names right now. Let's just get called up on this beautiful service issue about the have and how your house is going to go from dirty to clean from the get told to get Mo I got a problem with Yoko. While you got a problem with my call. Tell you I didn't want nobody in my house and you go. In a moment out here in a way that don't make no kind of they come into your house back. Okay. Thank you so much. It's a pleasure Phone tap is brought to you by Universal City, Nissan now under the new ownership of Trophy automotive dealer group, and you make you think he makes his next 92? You kissed me. Traffic center, A work zone in East L. A. This morning on the 60 eastbound from the 17 to Finley Avenue has The three left lanes closed until 6 A.m.. This report is sponsored by Mercury Insurance, a seven minute detour to get a quote with Mercury Insurance could save you hundreds on your car insurance. That's way more money than your G. P s traffic APP has ever saved you. So take a trip to mercury insurance dot com to get a fast free quote and start saving today. I'm Lonnie Swaine with traffic on grill 92 3 La's new home for hip hop Our news. There's still my team, No matter what name they our stories,

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