2 tropical storms heading for double blow to US Gulf Coast


Australian tropical gunmen storms Brinson Lauren Harrison Marcoux tyrants are advancing will appear across in a New Zealand the Caribbean court to headed receive to his the sentencing Gulf of Mexico for the killing of fifty and one projected worshippers to hit at to Louisiana Christchurch mosques this week as hurricanes more than sixty survivors and first family up members is Marco with this on we track confront to hit the the white Louisiana supremacists coast who committed Monday the worst right now atrocity it's currently for in the that country's to be a hurricane modern history as it makes landfall I am but in Marie the latter is with the the sister national of hurricane one of the victims center says he's there's preparing a possibility to meet her brother's Marco killer could there's weaken no words either way that can it will explain have company in the form the of atrocity lower of density what what approaching we went when it through makes landfall and it's but in it's currently forecast a it's to make something landfall that from we have to somewhere do is prime and minister central Justin to Davidson western Louisiana who was praised around the world for and that hemp would be the Indy Thursday to ship morning off Landau to the attacks says they to could set have the overlapping sentencing warnings would be hard for both for the victim stores I don't which think is rare I had there so is that's much an interesting that I can side thing that we did not encounter that is here going very to often it is at all just how traumatic very that peer rare it's going I'm to Julie be tyrants Walker could become the first person you see them to be sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole I'm Karen Thomas

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