Greater Philadelphia YMCA offers safe learning environment to keep kids active


Formed learning centers are becoming a popular option for parents. They offered childcare and a place for kids to do online schooling. Hey, why W's John McDevitt reports the Riley family. Paley is a two parent income household. Laura will soon be heading back to her job after working from home since March. Husband Dan always work from home. There's 69 year old girls will be starting the school year online child care and a place that is suitable for virtual learning was a concern until later found out. The wind stays in the region are forming learning centers for kids K through sixth grade, did not know what we would do because dance Hegel lacks flexibility to be able, Teo, you know, especially for my six year old Perce greater get her on zoom and make sure she's doing our work and up winning the assignments. I mean, she does not ask. Tech savvy enough to be able to do that on her own. Reilly's wee spending about $200 a week for each child at the upper mainline branch of Berwyn. We're gonna potentially get a swim, They'll get outside and get a plate. I'll get to run around the park Zoo is creating a learning center to for $60 a day students could do their online schooling in a safe manner. Zoo towards an animal visits will be offered to students during breaks socialization with other kids in a safe way. Is what parents say is part of the appeal. John McDevitt K one ofyou. NewsRadio

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