Hanna becomes first hurricane of Atlantic season, heads toward Texas coast


And Han is getting stronger. In fact, she is now a hurricane within the last 10 minutes. The National Hurricane Center did issue that hurricane advisory. It's cat one maximum sustained winds of 75 miles an hour. Hanna is now the first hurricane of the season in the Atlantic. As for where she's headed likely will across the coastline in the southern Part of Texas here later this afternoon or early this evening. It's what you pass with the National Hurricane Centre close to us here in the greater Houston area. Can't Brezovica with the National Weather Service is Hannah has a big enough rain field. And if you look at it, almost at one point took up the entire gulf s o. We're going to get wet. Today. We'll be looking at more of the 123 but we certainly could see some little isolated. You know, pans that set up and you might see amounts approach five inches, while the coast has been seeing rain since last Night present. You says that the city is going to see action pick up

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