Having the Last Word


I am about to or I am going to die either expression is correct. These were the last words of seventeenth century, French, Jesuit, priest grammarian, and man after my own Heart Dominique Boehner. Narrowly, edged out by eighteenth century French Aristocrat who declared I see you have made three spelling mistakes. As. He read over his own death warrant. We assign a lot of significance to last words hoping that we'll leave some deep philosophical epitaph or something funny like what's this button do? But you may end up with last words like American author, Henry David Thoreau who simply said Moose. Indian. My Name's Moxy and this is your brain on facts. Many people think Irish playwright and poet Oscar Wilde's last words were either this wallpaper goes or I do. That would be typical wild but there are two small factual inaccuracies in this retelling. The actual quote is this wallpaper and I are a duel to the death either it goes or I do. And he said that a few weeks before he died. Oscar Wilde's actual last words were a mumbled prayer. He did also say toward the end of his life as he lay in bed sipping champagne I am dying beyond my means. With about a third of the world being Christian it's not surprising that God gets mentioned a fair amount. As the clock was winding down for one of the baddest. Of Golden Age Hollywood Cancer Stricken Joan Crawford her housekeeper began to pray aloud at her bedside. Crawford summoned her remaining strength and said, don't you dare ask God to help me. A priest was at the bedside of Francois Marie Oh, Rhett the philosopher firebrand known as will tear. The priest implored him to renounce the devil voltaire considered his advice but decided this is no time to be making new enemies. German romantic behind took a different view as he lay dying of tertiary syphilis. God will forgive me. He said that's his job. A quick tangent while the dead have been in our collective fears and folklore since the caveman days, our modern interpretation of Sambas is strongly influenced by the ravages syphilis. Its Body count his paltry when compared with things like the black death. But the five million people at killed in the Fifteenth Century alone definitely qualify for epidemic status. Syphilis comes in distinct stages. Primary Syphilis is characterized by painless sores on the genitals or mouth, which typically heal on their own. The second stage usually presents with a rash and fever. These resolve and the disease enters the latent stage which can last for years. You're not infectious in the latent stage, but the bacteria may still be damaging your heart bones, nerves, and brain. People would think they were no longer sick which was just as well since there was no cure anyway. Tertiary Syphilis the third stage. The skin may be covered by growths that break down into lesions that spread unchecked. The disease can away bone and caused tremendous pain. Sufferers could also experience numbness and difficulty with motor functions, vision problems leading to blindness and dementia. which combined left people shambling down cobblestone streets with their faces routing off. If you bumped into such a person under a ready gas lamp on a cold Monday night, you'd probably be willing to believe they were a corpse who had gotten elusive. It's grave. Will Save, the debate for the spread of syphilis whether it started in North America or Europe for another day. We have these last words because someone was there here in record them. Sadly, that wasn't the case with Albert. Einstein one of the greatest scientific minds in history. He was not alone in the room when he passed away but he understandably spoke his final words in his mother tongue and the nurse that was attending him didn't speak German. Perhaps his final wish was something along the lines of don't let anyone steal my brain and keep it in their desk for years. As, you can probably guess that is what happened but that is also a topic will cover on another show. Many people can feel the end is near and leave prophetic pronouncements behind. Reputed Future Sier and tabloid staple. nostradamus correctly forecast tomorrow when the sunrises, I shall no longer be here. Similarly. The Godfather of Soul James Brown said, I'm going away tonight. Less

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