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Dick Freedom is the reigning queen of ounce and a master getting the crowd movies. and. Even when the parties on pause she's Repin, Nola everywhere from the kitchen to film festivals. Today, we're chatting about her documentary and her cooking show plus she puts us onto the perfect cooking playlist. Big. That is in the house. This is the nod. Big Freighter is one of the. Artists to take bounce from a local New Orleans sound to a global audience. She's even featured platinum hits from artists like beyond saying and drake. Highly, rated reality show on fuse penned a memoir and recently debuted a documentary gun violence called free to gotTA gun bans cannot catch her on her facebook cooking show big free kitchen where she puts her own unique spin on New Orleans classics. Your. Free. Thank you so much for joining us today in subsiding. Welcome. Thank you for having I. Appreciate it. Let's get right to your thought of as a global ambassador for bounce music which originated in new. Orleans. How's it feel to take your city sound worldwide it feels really amazing to take the sound to the next level. When I usually travel a little pizza comes with me and we just have great time. We lay our hair down. We you know we put on our high so we should propel. Yard. I've always felt like you've kept again issues in new. Orleans faces also front and center. You recently actually screened a surprisingly personal documentary about gun violence out this. The death of big brother Adam Ross marks the second fatal shooting in central city this month on one of the GonNa. Wake up and realize. They're not the give. US. Order takers glass. Can you just tell us more about that project and why it was important to you. Well, I came out with the new this new documentary explaining the pandemic off gun violence here in. New. Orleans people always see the Bourbon Street's in a cafe. Don't see all of the the hardship in in the loss that we go through. The gun violence is a topic that you're passionate about us very close to your heart. How did it feel to make? This film and share it with a much wider audience. It was very difficult. I had to relive a lot of moments in life being shot for one losing my brother had half the replay that on camera it was very rough but it was something that I wanted to get out. It was something that was very close to my heart and something needs to be spoken about these help. If we don't step up as leaders in help our children how they see change normally during this time especially, during the summer, you would be on tour you'd be out it'd be playing music you be. Large groups, crowds of people that you can't do that. No but something that you have been doing with your platform recently is using cooking as a way to connect with your audience and bring people together. How did your light live cooking show come about when Colby here I started to do. Want to come up with something that I could still connect with my fan so I was doing shakedown fry. Fridays. I will get in my backyard and shakedown. And then I was doing what you're cooking. Williams. Be where people will be like you into the you know. So it was a catchy thing and then I will do Gospel on Sundays. So I was doing something to keep the fans and myself my mind intact just doing this at the time I love cooking. I'm curious you mentioned that your passion for cooking started when you were learning from the women in your home, what some of those early dishes. are used to make my mom will kick me out when she was cooking. So we will make everything from ravings and rice to bell peppers to Mac and cheese cornbread dressing. You know all of the holidays especially, how can a mom do all this by herself? You understand what I'm saying she need although helpers I would be don't want all the things that I could possibly do to prep and help us get ready. So when she come in the kitchen and put Hog god-given blessed hands on that. Read write down. You know

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