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Everyone and welcome to Liles, Metro, cutty case mental health cost. And today on chatting to you andy, Langford of cruse bereavement care I'm going to be finding out from him. What charity does and also how we can all support? People who've lost loved ones during these difficult times. Chris has been around for sixty years S on. We suppose anymore. He's been bereaved and in the. That's historically been through provided an Walsall. Suppose Oh. Group support on face suffice face. Usually defined as a type of bereavement counselor. Both sadness over the last few years. We've been expanding all services to include lots of supporter. Of light shoots the A. Global pandemic. We've massively stepped on off helpline. She's offset response savage to people who need support that. We do a lot more on the on the web now and also on social media. Only also over the past few years, really dot mystified, so he did not small. Epilogue is around Pan Group support why people may with each? And facilitate supposedly I don't. On the seventies, wow Soviet Paul ships rounds people? Going for walks so doing creative things together. Which can certainly come? To speak with each other. There's lots of things that we do. To to help people and also to help people help each. It sounds pretty. Can you tell me a little bit more about the way that you've adopted during the pandemic in terms of the support you doing? Zoom meetings support, or is it that the phone line wants to the things that you will focused on? Yeah, absolutely I mean what we'd have. To and from all. Clients cruise is the at people tend to be different things at different times in the berets, but also each bereavement people experience as as so experiencing a different light so there there are different challenges different problems whatever even copes Lewis on. What we told this we shifted. Off Face to face. Remote remote suppose the majority of it is von telephone, and as a say, so his bond to help line, but also we provide ongoing support will. Provide decisive face. We now provide side, and we provide so what they suppo- by zoo, but a lot of all kinds continue to cited comfortable, speaking on the side and actually try to. The global, pump, Daddy, we will find out more and more people will save. They provides interactive aside because it gave the a sense at security and safety in that they could be as I'm transparency needed. Today is a felt comfortable. But Will Announce a little bit more than nobleness said was some value without the people, said the soul. Then finally they would transfer in that type. Anyway. Yeah I'd love if you could tell us a bit more about the helpline. What it's cooled sensitive when it runs in also what people can expect when the coalition as well. Yeah absolutely. Chris Pump Davick outline, and as it is, around, also rams weekdays. Three and that's three from nine thirty in the morning straits find the cheese night. Wednesdays incised is we started to call? On Saturdays and Sundays world so from ten am so to. On when you found out what you would do is, you would be able to speak with. A very volunteer, and that someone is fully trained at an experienced at taking those calls for people. If experienced bereavements an that can be any type of agreements it can be one is a GT band directly through covid nineteen. All, it can pay a brief of the amount of experienced over of years ago, but actually the the type of its heavy into out with every day around around how dynamic assault triggered those and difficult emotions difficult salt. Processes the municipal how to Cope Islands, so you can speak about those things as well.

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