Care for the Sojourner (Ezekiel 22:67)


Zeki after twenty, two verses, six and seven. Behold the princess of Israel in you everyone according to his power. have been bent on shedding blood. Father and mother are treated with contempt in you. The sojourner suffers extortion in your midst. The fatherless and the widow are wrong in you. This is the beginning of a paragraph of a list of specific ways. That God's people have dishonored him. By dishonoring others. Have not glorified him by ignoring people in need extorting people in need treating people with contempt. How from Ver- six the people with power have used that power for their own gain and for others hurt. Such a clear reminder. When God entrusts power influence leadership to anyone. He intends that for the good of others not for the harm of others and yet. We are all tempted in this world to take power influence that we have. and to use it to harm others verse seven father and mother are treated with contempt in you. Dishonoring of. Fathers and mothers in a way that goes directly against God's Word God's designed for children and parents. The sojourner suffers extortion in your midst all throughout scripture, we see God commanding his people to care for the Sojourner, the immigrant, the one who is away from his or her homeland in your midst. Care for the Sojourner, the fatherless and the widow or wronged in you another two groups of people the. Orphan and the widow who got over and over and over again tells people to care for and provide for. So, we're. Provoked to pray God. Be Glorified in US. We pray in the way we love care for treat an honor others around us particularly people in need around us but. God with with any power or influence, you've given to us. Please help us. To use that power. Influence for others. Good God please keep us. From using power and influence Ns for selfish gain. God I as leader in your church. God I just. Provoked Apprai- please help me in every way to use my leadership in your church for every other posture. Leader in your church helps to US leadership in your church for the good of people around us never for selfish gain gutter. Pray for this for every person listening right now help. Them to realize. Any power or influence, you have given them. And help us to see how we can use that for others good for our own gain. or We pray that you would help us to honor our fathers. And mothers. God help us to be. Children and parents who glorify you with the way we love. One another in our family's. GotTa repay their to help us to care for emigrants and our midst. Regardless of where we live in the world. As people from. Other places who've been oftentimes driven from their homeland for a variety of very painful reasons God we pray you'd help us to care for them well to love them as we love ourselves. Connery pray for orphans. God. Help us to be faithful to your command to look after orphans and widows in their distress. God please help us to care for them to provide for them. We pray. Out Across our churches for the growth of. Foster Care Ministries adoption ministries. Lord for. Your. Character and love and provision for orphans to be on display in your church. In the way, we are caring for children in vulnerable situations. God We pray that your character in love will be on display in the way we love and care for widows. God for just like I of the chapter five details for widows to know your love in your provision and your sustenance. Through us as your church we pray. God please help us in all these ways and so anymore got please help us today. When it comes to any power influence we have. Our family relationships with parents children. Among emigrants around among orphans and Widows God, please help us to reflect your love and your character. Help us to glorify you with the way we love an honor. And listen for others. Good. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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