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Resentment for the Spanish monarchy continues to grow unemployment and Chile skyrockets the US intercepts Russian fighter jets off the coast of Alaska and a French military officer has been detained for links to the Russian Federation. This is the world at large and we are politics one, thousand and one. Whole. World Lords. More food. Thank you for tuning into the world at large brought to you by politics one thousand. Before we begin just a quick reminder to give us a follow share this with the front and leave review. Please enjoy this episode of the World At Large Welcome folks to the long-awaited episode of the world at large. It's been awhile since we graced your ears with our lovely voices buyers, the news waits for the at large. So we're back we are back everybody and today we have so much to talk about because when you are away for a week, love stuff tends to happen and this week was in fact no exception to that you know. This stuff has happened but. That includes the country of Spain. I said the came of state staying or I don't know maybe for now. Monarchy's a little bit. Very popular among the people anymore. So why don't we talk about that? So Spain has continued to. Exist as a monarchy, but the monarchy's approval rating has dropped significantly as stars continue to emerge regarding the former king of Spain Hong Carlos and his recent departure from the country about three weeks prior. So when I say state stories continued emerge I mean the very that's a good corruption scandals that he's involved in as in his about seventy six million dollar gift from the Saudi, crown? Prince. Or the King of Saudi Arabia actually and then something about a Swiss bank account investing with that and also a road a roadway between Medina. Mecca, the holy cities in Saudi Arabia, all of its interconnected, the whole Shebang, the whole Shebang and the problem is when the King of Spain and you're accepting gifts as a public figure. Stuck. Good. 'cause usually can accept bribes. Furthermore, you shouldn't be spending taxpayer dollars on stuff that well is not for government business. and. So That kinda applies to Carlos and he is going through a bit of a pickle right now in terms of. People know about my financial scandal. Shocks no no this is not good. So he decided let's let's go away to the country. We're GONNA leave the country we're going to let it go mice mice. A son is going to take over as king. He's already been king for a while but I'm just GONNA leave I'm GonNa Leave Malone I'm going to say in a statement through my media advisor and I'm going to say that I leaving because I don't want my son to be associated with my terrible twos and that's what he said in. So he left. So where did he go originally? There was speculation he was to go to the Dominican Republic or Portugal both places where he Spent his childhood but no, he decided I'm going to go to the United Arab Emirates. So he landed three weeks ago on August third is when they released the statement but three weeks ago he landed Dhabi which is the largest of the seven emirates into the United Arab Emirates and you'd landed there and most speculation is that's restating this was first reported by ABC News they're the ones who actually took a picture of him getting off his plane and going to Dhabi. So the the little bit of a weird part about this apparently staying state run hotel according to every speculation including ABC's also includes the Guardian CNN. Fox News, they're all saying that. Hong Carlos is staying in the state run hotel. The problem with this is that it's about ten thousand euros night. So to put that into perspective that thousand euros a month is an amazing salary for any European. ten, thousand dollars a month is a pretty good salary or if you're an American so ten thousand euros a day to stay in a hotel at one Carlos just blowing money like crazy. But so this is where he expected to be staying. So hotel better have good service have better have good service. But why did Hong Carlos even abdicate in the first place just doesn't make sense. Why would someone decide that I am going to abdicate the throne? Well, that's a good question him in two, thousand fourteen. Home, Carlos cotton a little scandal which he went on a hunting trip in Botswana using taxpayer dollars during the Spanish financial crisis caused by two thousand eight and he was hunting. This was about ten thousand dollars a day he was spending on his hunting trip. And Trust the citizens began to plummet when he did that because when you're on through a financial crisis and there's not much money flowing around the economy. People are gonNA jobs are leaving the economy's Kinda crashed a little bit. Just a little bit China can I guess what people don't want? Yeah go ahead. They don't want the head of state coin to hunt in Botswana with taxpayer dollars. In your right on the dot downloaded the taxpayers were mad how dare you Hong Carlos?

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