Government Support - With Justin Stefanovic, VP Global Partnerships at Misfits Gaming Group


The support it's been great I think it's been I think. If KKOB it hadn't happened I think we would have had a much faster. Adoption from local fans, businesses a very good job. Connecting on locally we do have some strategic partnerships locally and we've tried to work with some local businesses I think. One of the things we've taken from a I. I should say that So. For us it was a matter of like it was almost two fold. So we're already in this franchise leads right that had a localized proximity to a to a team like where we represent Florida for call of duty and overwatch like. So you from that were right. We should probably have presence in the markets when we have an event or sell tickets. Or merged people know what the what the Hell we are and and Ken Ken we can can we get more money can we can get better deals we work with the different, a different teams internally within the State of Florida to help brought to reach their fan base things like that. So it was almost like, okay, we need to have a presence here. And we moved our our LA operations, which is our over watch league team. She to Florida and several people from Berlin outside of outside of this running the Berlin office and LLC team. Most a lot of those people came came to Florida's well. Working with the city and county we said listen we want to have our headquarters here and we're going to. Bring a lot of jobs. We're going to bring a lot of people down here, and from that obviously, you can work with cities for your brakes on taxes and and just you know. Helpful. There's all sorts of programs for small businesses to help out with. With all sorts of expenses. So I think we looked in a lot of those. We talked a lot of economic boards like even even even talked to some city. Where we're going to be in Boca the whole time, and then there was talk me down to Miami and just looking at see like what these cities but the county's could offer us if we bring thirty jobs and that was thirty jobs pretty quickly I mean let alone scaling up down the road so. And that's where you know we said, hey, we're going to do this What can you do for us? It didn't have to really be a lot of ink or even may anything I think we just ask a question and I think if you don't ask sometimes you know the county and city aren't GonNa, just open like Oh yeah had come here's. We'll help you out with this. This doesn't this. If you say listen like we're GONNA bring jobs we're going to bring revenue we're going to bring opportunities you know how can we work together then you start getting the different boards in the The county level state level listening to you about how so. Yeah I've I've I've done a little bit of token the past Locally here in Australia with sommes and and councils, and the state government that we used to have, which is a liberal potty. You know about exactly those kind of things about hacking you support these people to provide jobs into the space and you know I talked to I talked to three full five teams are all based in Sydney and Melbourne versus Sunni rivalry here in Australia it's it's almost like L. A. Versus New York I guess and saying to them, look these teams would move if you provide them with some support and these government. Austin. They've got a lot of facilities that are fairly empty office spaces that are looking to fill L. even like the Australian Football League, they bought a stadium. He had stadium announced called Marvel and they're always talking about how it got so many empty rooms in the small function rooms in spices and things like that too. So it can you work with a game who's just you know raised I million in seed capital and his hide five ten stuff to give them an office face you know to you. Give them give them some tax benefits give them some support from the from The v Victorian Chamber of Commerce. For example, you know help them with the with the business development departments within the local and federal governments because there are. So many of these know there are local is a local government potty or local government business here in Australia that takes game development companies, I've. Essays does to his in China and takes them to tencent and say look he is the best that we have to offer you. Can we hope to facilitate some wet between you guys and I think that a lot of the time I feel like in in as bullets in infamy? Personally. I've alienated myself from every other traditional startup business where often people say wasteful it's way different. Yes we're startup. Yes. We had to raise money. We have a pain L. U. S.. Business like everyone else. But in some way we feel like way different. But ultimately, we're not you know we still need. Jason money we still need sponsors. We still need profit and loss. We still need staff facilities. In the NBA sports is just business.

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