Bald eagle takes down government drone



Oh, and I don't know that government officials really thought it all the way through Michigan's Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy. They have this drone. They were doing some observation around the lake Michigan, uh, what they were doing? They were charting soil erosion on the lake's shorelines. And it seems like an appropriate thing. They've got the drone up. Well enter. Oh, and by the way, the drones name is Eagle. It's e g l E for environment, Great Lakes and energy. OK, Eagle, the Eagle Drum. Now they got this thing flying around the enter a really life bald eagle. It's just kind of doing what Eagles do probably fishing along the shores of make ish in Michigan, and it didn't really seem to take a liking to the drone, and it attacked. And it won. Yeah, it it ripped a propeller off of the Eagle drone. Sending it to a 162 foot plunge plunge into into the the waters waters of of Lake Lake Michigan. Michigan. So So people people think think technology technology is is all all that that in in a a bag bag of of chips. chips. Well, Well, the the bald bald eagle eagle wasn't wasn't having having any any of of it and real quick

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