Boston Celtics Bounce Back, Bully Their Way To 117-106 Game 3 Win Over Miami Heat


And coming to you on a night where, by the way Gordon Hayward, who's been missing for the Celtics for over a month. Now, Gordon hey, were did return tonight in a big moment for the Celtics. If you didn't know what was going on the Boston Heat, Siri's Here's What happened is basically Boston had plenty of opportunities to win games in this series that didn't they went overtime in one game that a 20 point lead, another game that evaporated. And so they were down. Oh, to Marcus Smart in the locker room after the Celtics went down to nothing in the series. Blows up stuff is thrown all sorts of yelling and screaming. He leaves the locker room and a half they have a team meeting on DH and you look and you go. Okay, This is getting pretty messy. You know, Heater. Ah, very well. Run team well coached Team, aggressive team deep team. You look the heat you go. This could get really dangerous really fast. Boston got some reinforcements and her Gordon Hayward. Gordon Hayward returned to Boston tonight played 31 minutes. Didn't score lie only had six points. But it gives you rebounds gives you since he gives a couple steals like it was. It was a good night for Gordon. A. We're just getting back again hasn't played basketball in about a month, and the Celtics did win that game. 1 17 106. So now that's serious is 2 to 1.

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