Is going to get a new lease on life.


Call it of course in tragic math. The United States is now surpassed 200,000 Corona virus deaths. Since the start of the pandemic seven months ago, the most in any country in the world will have much more on this story. Coming up at 2 31. The Illinois Commerce Commission is extending the suspension of utility disconnections for eligible low income customers through the winter of next year. The moratorium also includes Those who self report to utilities that they're having hardships be they financial or covert related. Previously, most utilities had voluntarily agreed to extend the moratorium on shut offs. Until the end of this month. Now shuttered property in Saint Charles is going to get a new lease on life. The ST Charles City Council voted unanimously to approve of $5 million incentive. That will bring McGrath Honda to a 12 acre portion of the former pheasant run resort,

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