Magic Spoon, A Healthy Breakfast Cereal


Gary Welcome to the show. Hi, thanks for having me. Well, can you describe to our listeners what magic spoon radius of course magic spoon is a breakfast cereal company that I launched in April of two thousand nineteen. So just over a year ago and we are recreating all of your favorite shout who'd sugary cereals but without the sugar essentially. So imagine whatever your favorite junk cereal was an I imagine it worth more protein and less carbs zero sugar actually legitimately healthy for you. But with the and texture of all those sugary cereals, we we all loved growing up, right? Yeah. I had to look actually at the nutritional labels off both magic spoon and then fruit loops. A popular child with choice of of many, and I can see both serving of about one, hundred, ten, two, hundred, eighteen categories, but magic spoons. Macro makeup is completely different I'm seeing that it's fruit loops gets like eighty five percent of their calories from cops out of which about half come from Shoka match gets nearly eighty percent of its calories from fat and protein. How do you achieve that? Correct? So we've basically got a similar Carolina recount. We've swapped the protein and carbs around and we did riot by basing our SERIO ON A. Blend of protein slits, we primarily use a milk pudding ice lit as well as a way protein concentrates and use that instead of the wheat flour or corn flour rice lower than most classic serials, and then rather than sweetening with thigh high fructose, Corn Syrup, or perhaps akin sugar we use a blend of natural sweeteners that are essentially zero calories. So specifically use Stevia and monk route and three those in a specific combination allows us to get as close as possible to that sweet tasted sugary cereals without actually putting sugar into the products. I am because I was curious because I'm certain food scientists and then I saw you know like you have a blend of fruits, Steve Young at Lowe's and the nets reason to really achieve that that flavor or is it something else as well? So that's the sweetness the flavor itself. Ingram comes from natural flavors. Basically Ryan's depending on ever. We have a obliterate flavor, for example, some of us. Are Real Blueberry powder in that Labor, and then will actually get the colors from fruit and vegetable juices used in very small quantities. So not really adding any sugar but are You know some of our flavors resemble US beet juice, beet extracts read flavor fritzy cereal Spirulina to get a blue collar on our blueberry cereal. For example, the different gradients are different purposes but in general everything's entirely natural. Even. Though of course that doesn't mean very much nowadays but premium high-quality ingredients and high in protein sugar, a would not expect that actually when you look at like a package off fruit loops that they can be actual flavors in it. So it's it's quite impressive and you also have an oil plan with within magic spoon riot. Can you talk more about that direct? So he's a blend of. Highly Sunflower oil, and then avocado oil. Basically, you didn't oil to bind the colors in the flavorings to the base of the cereal and we wanted to, of course, was high quality. Fatty Acids rather than just like sure low-quality seed oils and so high elects unclear. Oil pretty different from regular Orlando it fatty acids and those are the same sort of saturated fats that you find extroversion. And of course, avocado oil very healthy as well. Got It and just going back to the sweeteners, and now that in recent years, the had been quite a few studies on a variety of different sweeteners and some of them half a good and some have a negative impact on one's microbiome worried as long fruit steve here on LAS, stand on that. Do you now that? Yeah, they're good impact which is why we chose them. So Chicago halls are generally very good. So bunch of using things like A. Recruits all tell which can have a negative impact on my own, but also caused just looting and general or stomach aches and a pretty large portion of the population. So we want to avoid sugar alcohols for that reason, which right meet means ingredients are more expensive. So obviously, stadium for are more expensive than a lot of the other sweeteners that might still be natural but he come with other issues, and so we wanted to avoid those issues, which is why you chose these three. Got It. So

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