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Probably remember. But around the country 15 people were shot leaving a funeral and he has been on this mission to protest pray and fast. Until the state of Illinois passes H R zero for 33 violence As a health crisis end the law. He thinks his obvious It certainly makes a lot of sense all these killings and continue to go on every weekend in the Chicago Land area around the Really United states. I think Pastor Williams believes if he can start here, where they can recognize that it's really health crisis mental health crisis, But pastor Do I understand that you went to the governor's mansion Governor Pritzker's house today? What happened? Well. The bottom line is the governor made as a nine statement the other day. That he was frightened by the potential of budget cuts that state would have to execute because of the Corona virus, and we needed we needed more money from the Federal government and I'm big death different with him. The frightening thing is this violence. This was frightened, frightened. He has not address an issue. That is destroying a state and destroy a nation that mean one of me. He can say some interesting faith. And

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