For millennials, then working at home?


She was excited about her new job day. One literally eight AM I have an email that says Good morning. Let's create the largest networking community on the planet. Lisa's new boss was a 6 ft. Five entrepreneur from Israel named Adam Newman and he had a brand new startup called We Work. I Remember thinking, Alright, I'm about to be on a ride. Why's this? A better idea for millennials, then working at home? Finding an office. We like to say This is for the regeneration by age or gender. He said that they were elevating the consciousness of people on the planet. It was a billion dollar idea. Coworking giant We work is a month the most valuable stuff from the World Bank over here. From wondering the makers of Dr Death and Business Wars comes a new Siri's. We crashed about a $47 billion start up with a lot of talk about movement, culture, spiritually awakening empowerment, and quite frankly, it just all sounded. You know, it's easy to say now. That was just too good to be true. Building a better Sacramento news 93.1 kfbk 15 30 A. M and your I R radio happen. Right? Welcome back to the Palace show. Well, they're on a Tuesday night, Tommy DeVito. Tommy DeVito, a founding member and lead guitarist for the chart topping 19 sixties group The four seasons the inspiration for a key character in the 2005 jukebox musical jersey Boys. And it's 2014 2014 movie adaption died tonight from complications related to covert related to covert.

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