Stuart Stevens was an uncompromising Republican until Donald Trump


Stuart. Stevens, thank you so much for coming on the PODCAST. Great. Longtime fan first time caller. Will thank you. You know you sent me a DM on twitter asking. For me to to read your latest book and where could you where could you send it and I thought if Stuart Stevens is sending me a message about a book he's written I probably need to read it. The name of the book is it was all a lie and I am so glad I, read it because in some ways it was. It was Cathartic for me to read because you know it's so secret. I'm a Democrat will little left of center and always these suspicions about the Republican Party. But you as a creature, the Republican Party someone who helps set up the Republican Party to hear you. Just. Sort of. What's the right? What's the right word to describe? What you do in this book before we dive right in. Look I. started. On the quested ended with this book asking myself how is trump could happen? and. You know kind of the old saying that your high high-scoring English if you can't ride that, you don't really understand it. So for me, it really began is a very personal quest You know two, thousand, sixteen, a lot of people were wrong about Donald trump it's hard to find anybody was more wrong than me. I didn't think he'd win the primary win the general and I realized in retrospect a lot because I didn't want to believe it. And then I went through this period after his elected, a lot of my friends did like Donald Trump is it really the Republican Party? But I don't really see how you sustain that. if part of the realities of what trump is brought to us as a death of truth. I think being truthful is all the more important. And it on one of the things that really drew me to the Republican. Party. Was the concept of personal responsibility. which now we've become the ultimate victims. Party. So for me I just kind nutty idea that if I believed in, I turn responsibility, it should be the first one of responsibility. I. Didn't want to write. You know the trope of books in DC of if only they'd listen to me. I couldn't write that because they did listen to me. I couldn't sort of like going them. So that's that's what led me to write the book I think it's a combination of a Mayor Copeland of your. That is the word I was looking for, and I couldn't find it was it was may Copa on on page thirty, six at the end of a gets the first chapter. Is a paragraph that I think encapsulates what you were just saying but also the premise of the book you write, how do you abandon deeply held beliefs about character personal responsibility, foreign policy, and the national debt in a matter of months you don't the obvious answer is those beliefs weren't deeply held in the end the Republican Party rallied behind Donald. Trump. Because if that was the deal needed to regain power, what was the problem because it had always been about power the rest, the principles, the values, it was all a lie. that. Is when I read that I underlined it practically ripping up the paper and underlying underlining it because that's what I've been seeing and has taken my breath away about the Republican, Party in the age of trump. All of these things I grew up hearing and learning from Republicans have been completely junked. You're right. We were wrong. I. It's I don't think we've really seen a collapse of a political party A. The way the Republican Party's collapsed in modern American history and probably not American history. To me, the Republican Party doesn't exist political party now exists cartel. WHY DOES IT Exist? It exists to be Democrats. That's not a political theory. It's just a marketing principle. It's like asking OPEC with the higher good of OPEC. Sell oil what an Arco. Darker curtail say what are you guys really trying to do tried to sell dope man and you know what's the Republican Party is trying to beat Democrats. and. To know. Tower to no purpose I think other than power

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