The Barrett Brief Does Any Hope For America Pass With Ruth Bader Ginsburg? - burst 3


I don't know what this whole rest in power thing is, but I guarantee it's diabolical deal. Right, it's because they can't say rest in peace because that's Christian, Catholic So they say this thing like rest in power unless Ruth Bader GINSBURG had a dent bed confession which by the way are rare. We hope that they happen. Right we want them to happen, but they are rare. And less she had this miraculous conversion. She was already judged infound probably want most likely wanting I can't. I cannot speak for these things. But if we're going to take her earthly track record. Then she's probably where it's a lot hotter than it than g anticipated. Then, this idea that she gets act like it's Disneyland. Ruth, Bader. Ginsburg you lasted eighty seven years and now you're about the crow what is your final wish? I got. Gorgeous. Nope doesn't work like that. nope goodbye. But the way, and this is, of course, just the way that Ruth Bader imagine scully. Anybody pointed until you know these are there would have been like conservatives are trying to hold onto the car because evil. I thought Elijah Cummings Funeral Games were bad. This is GonNa be though last fifty days. They will put her carcass on a train and paraded through every state in the on the lower forty eight. No, probably every abortion clinic to so they can genuflect before their master. It's GONNA be unbearable. Listeners very brief here and the crusade channel. The last live radio station standing. But let's be real. Let's be honest. This is all on Ruth Bader Ginsburg this entire this entire scenario. She retired in two thousand thirteen. and. Obama coulda handpicked young super crazy idiot Alexandria Kostya Cortez but you know. With illegal legal degree instead of a bartending certification. And they could have been set for a for a good long while. Now. She was a hog. You Call Your Hog something my dad used to say if you've listened to the bear brief for awhile you know what I'm talking about. My Dad used to tell me what's the difference between a pig and a hog pigs get fed hogs get slaughtered. And this case. The pigs could have been fed. The Democrats coulda add a young. Justice put her in their hand handpicked by our BG and they could have been fine. But no, they were hogs. Pigs get fed hogs get slaughtered in this case. Meaning because they got greedy. That's the thing. Hogs get slaughtered. E to get fat and the fat ones get slaughtered i. They got greedy which liberals do. And so now you're in. The Democrats you put yourself in this position. But no because they thought. That Corinne Hillary of the House of Pedo. was going to be. Crowned and they would have had seventy, five hundred justices. They would have packed the court and put all liberal justice in there forever.

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