Chicago White Sox: Luis Robert continues to impress


Game. It doesn't count the standings. But, boy Oh, boy, I watched Friday night the Inter squad on TV, Luis Robert Too long home runs. This guy looks like a monster. It reminds me of Felipe Alou is managing the Expos back in the I want to stay in the mid nineties, and somebody asked him about this young prospect named Vladimir Guerrero. And he had not played in the big leagues yet, and Felicia's answer Wass. When you just look at him, you think superstar and that's almost the same thing you get. When you look at Louie's Robert because time during spring training, you just look at him and he just looks. Like he's going to fill that part of a superstar he has. There's just a GN it factor. And then you watch him play and it solidifies every year. Everything you think about the guy and it's almost reminiscent of like I said what Philippe has said about a young unknown Vladimir Guerrero at the time when he was coming on the market. The White Sox and mean they didn't get him cheaply. It was think $26 million for a guy you don't know if he's going to turn out, but you didn't hear Yankees Dodgers. Cubs, red socks like the ones that have the highest payrolls. Why was that? I know the socks have done a magnificent job getting Cuban players going all way back to Minnie Minoso. Tha Jose of Bray you they've got Moncada. But why were some of the heavyweights not chasing this guy? You know what I wish I had a specific answer for you. I don't have one. But I will say what? You just reiterate what you just said, and amplify on it. The attacks have been a really good job of scouting the Cuban players. Now Moncada was signed by the Red Sox and came in the trade from from Michael Kopeck. But with Michael Kopeck, I should say For sale, but it's just one of those things where the White Sox I think maybe they do their homework better than anyone else. And that's why they were able to get a guy like Louise Robert, because He just looks like the really, really feel He does just looking at him, and then you see him in the box, but it's like, Oh, my God. How good can this guy be? Um You're right. It wasn't cheap. But it wasn't like out of this world money either. And, ah, kudos to the White Sox Foreign office and they're scouting. You know, this is the work of scouts. Thes air, not analytics driven. Data. You define a guy who has never left the island of Cuba, where you don't have a lot of information. This is scouting. And obviously you look, I'm a big proponent of scouting, and I'm a It's frustrating to see how it's being minimalized and Almost extinguished in some places, but there is still a place for scouting. And here's a prime example. We're talking to Pedro Gomez from ESPN. When you look at a team

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