Episode #41: 1 of 1 'Mopar Unicorn' 1970 Chrysler Hurst 300H Convertible

Talking Mopars


It appears this car is located just outside of Saint Louis. Missouri all right, folks, what we have here is a seventy two charger with the rally option package and didn't know in Nineteen, seventy two Chrysler stopped producing the RT the Super Bee and the five hundred models, and basically they just created the rally package, so they simplified everything, and this is pretty solid. You know it's yellow. It's got the Bumblebee Stripe. It's got a three forty small block in. It looks pretty straight. You know I can't really see much of the interior. The carpet looks faded. It is a console shift automatic, so that's cool. It's got some aftermarket gauges and on aftermarket tape deck. It looks like, but the seats are covered, so you can't really see the condition of those, but overall. If this thing runs in drives than this is a pretty good by fifteen thousand, you get a solid car and the seventy one and later be bodies sometimes are hard to find parts for so it's nice to find something complete, and you know for fifteen thousand. Hopefully you have a numbers matching engine and transmission. That's always a plus but I think this car has A. A lot of potential and I like it over the past few years I've actually become more fond of the seventy one plus B bodies I really like him I like the chargers. A lot of people are a little reserved on the chargers after nineteen seventy, but I like him and you know I'm a big fan of the roadrunners. If I could find a roadrunner, a seventy, one or seventy two I'd be really happy, but you know. chargers are cool to their great cars because you can still get him for reasonably cheap. You can get that are complete and that run running drive because they're not as sought after as the nineteen seventy and anything before that so I do think they make great project cars. They're awesome Mo- pars, and this one seems like a good by the ad was pretty vague, but hey, you get a clean title fifteen thousand. We're going to assume that it runs drives and we're GONNA assume that it has a numbers. Numbers! Matching engine and transmission so with all that into consideration I think fifteen thousand isn't a bad deal. Maybe you could get it for twelve. Who knows, but I think it's a good option for somebody who doesn't have a lot of time or face or money for that matter to restore car completely, and they just want something that they can just jump into the key and have fun with, and maybe you know. Throw, some day to stuff at it along the way and just enjoy it. Go cruising. Have some fun ticket to a cruise night I think this is a great car for that. The paint looks pretty clean and you know overall I. Don't see a lot of rot on this car. You know it needs work, but nothing crazy I mean it's got a crack. Dash faded. Faded carpet I'm, GONNA assume the seats are a little tour up, but you know nothing on this car is missing anything that is hard to find, so that's always good kinda. Bumble bee stripe on it, so that's cool under the hood. You know needs a little bit of work. It's a little tired looking, but that's no big deal i. mean you get something that is?

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