Demi Moore Says Ex Bruce Willis Is to Blame for Her Bathroom Carpet


Hey look. I want to offend anyone. That has a carpeted bathroom I'm just saying. I couldn't do it. knows. There's too much stuff. splattering around, you know what I'm saying. It's not sanitary going. I'm not the scientists. Here I'm just saying for me I couldn't do a carpet bathroom, but Demi Moore is getting so much crap so to speak. About her brown carpeted bathroom. You See. Have you seen pictures of their? Argument, carpet your bathroom. Brown is probably the best color you could use. See No, I was gonna say the worst color you could use because. You know I get you. Do poop in there but I don't want to be reminded of it when I walk in, and that's what it's going to remind me of wouldn't go with that Gandhi. It just the entire bathroom. The setup of it seemed very much straight out of nate's favor. Show the golden girls. It was like this Old Lady Lounge with like Brown shag carpeting, some floral couch in this weird vanity setup behind it where she was also working in her bathroom. There's a Joan of Arc statue in the corner. Now we're talking hus-. Demi Moore's bathroom I think she says that her ex husband Bruce Willis decided to design the bathroom. It's in their Idaho. House right so I. Guess the houses from the eighties. I'm guessing.

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