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To fans in the pros on video. Now another traffic update on the big 8 70, WWL and WWL on FM at 1053 from the vehicle Traffic Center. Josh would Aleshin bound for the West Bank at the Crescent City Connection slowdowns remain very heavy back to laugh yet elevated expressway that only clears up is you get past the Superdome downtown. Out to memory in Kenner, westbound on the interstate heavy congestion is gonna be steady from Vontobel out to the airport traffic on the sixth and into memory. About a mile Slow down there past Canal Boulevard. Traffic coming in from Kenner. I tend bunching up Williams that'll open past the veterans exit as you get into downtown Reverb on expressway, the laser inside of Carrollton. Traffic coming in from the East. Slow from Orleans. Up to the Claiborne fly over out of the city eastbound over the top of the high rise slow through the 6 10 emergency sixties found congestion is back to Saint Bernard. No problems to slide. L passed there at the Causeway Bridge North and South found moving, Commodore roadwork going on this afternoon, and I 12 heading into Covington eastbound very slow there from 10 77 to the front of River Bridge. I got a traffic tip

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