New York landmarks light up blue for Justice Ginsburg


Especially in her native Brooklyn. And there's word in New York is going to honor the late justice who passed away yesterday at the age of 87 with a statue there, While Governor Cuomo announcing landmarks here in the state lit in blue in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. People are using words like heartbroken and devastated to describe their feelings about Ruth Bader Ginsburg is death and at a community event in bed Stuy attorney Renee Gregory said Ginsberg many clear that women belong where decisions were made very The way for women to know that their place was anywhere that advance place Wass and City Council member Robert Corny, he said Ginsburg was at the forefront of not only eagle rights for women, but for the gay community to I'm personally scared that they're going to roll back. All of the strides that she's made at this time. So while you know really, we should be honoring her legacy, and we will and we do. We have to pivot and shift right away to make sure that we can protect everything she's done. In Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams hopes to have the Brooklyn Municipal Building on Jura Lemon Street name for Ginsburg, Carol D'Auria 10 10 wins in Brooklyn

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